Will this ever work properly

over a year into this thing and still half my flights either crash or i spend time to start a flight and discover that i cant click buttons or yesterday the heading indicator is not working on the A320. i am still baffled that this thing is still a mess … sorry for the rant but so frustrated. i dont touch it for weeks and a update comes out and i pray this time things will work but it just never does.

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What’s wrong with the heading indicator?

Have you changed the interaction system back to Legacy? If not, you should be aware the new system works differently from the old one. Either switch back or adapt to how the Lock system works.

if i want to start a flight at any airport with any plane the game will spawn me everytime on the same airport with the same plane i choose for my first flight

You’re not selecting the airport and aircraft from the world menu then.

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I am going to suggest you hold off on doing anything until the next update is released (due the 7th I believe). I would then suggest carrying out a clean install of the sim with windows in a clean boot situation. Not ideal, but given you are having various issues I would suggest starting over would be a better starting point.

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i do but the game spawns me at the same airport everytime

Any way you can show us a video capture?

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