Will two concurrent views be possible - such as cockpit (inset) and wing (main) views?

Will it be possible with subsequent updates to have 2 views open on screen at once. It’s great to have a wing view on take-off to watch the wing flex on rotation, but of course, you can’t see where you’re going. So a cockpit view in an inset would be valuable. Is this planned for the future?

Vote mate, vote! > https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/multi-monitor-support-showcase-view-outside-view-passenger-view-on-second-monitor/564609

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Unfortunately, they’ll only entertain questions in the 5 categories they listed for this Q&A.

yeah…saw that!

It won’t hurt to ask :wink:

It’s a great idea, older versions of the sim had it. I don’t know if it’s in the wish list or not.

This feature is what people were asking for with “multi-monitor support” in the sim. I really hated that they original wishlist item was named that, because that’s what the devs went by vs the details in the thread itself.

It clearly described what it was we were asking for - the ability to set up multiple individual camera views that could then be displayed on either the same, or other monitors. It could be internal or external views. Place a camera, and that’s your new viewport. What we got instead was the front view spread across more than 1 screen. Basically nVidia Surround with extra options baked into the sim.

So I wouldn’t expect after they did what they did for multi-monitor support that this will ever be implemented. At this point I think this is a bridge too far.

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maybe the solution is to ask them on a Q&A when the opportunity comes about