Will we ever get a better DEM for the Himalayas?

One of my favourite flights in the sim is Kathmandu to Lukla and I love flying around the Himalayas generally. After seeing what a difference the recent high quality DEM of the Swiss alps made to the way the alps are rendered in the sim I was wondering if we’ll ever see the Himalayas look that spectacular? In a way the Swiss alps DEM has spoiled us because now we can see how great mountains can look when their made with the highest quality data.

It would be fantastic if one day Mount Everest and the surrounding area could look as good. I don’t even know if it would be possible to get a high resolution DEM of the Himalayas.

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Interesting. I’ll take a look at that. Does anyone know what the current DEM of the Himalayas is? 30m?

Not quite high,

because when i see Everest’s Rock band it looks so different to reality.