Will we ever see the countries on the GLOBE?

Hard to believe, here we are, almost two years in, no tower cam, and you can’t even see the countries on the globe. Especially for sight seeing VFR pilots and now more rotor sim pilots as well. I have to jump back and forth from the game to google earth. Zendesk request placed.


I’ve never considered it an issue at all and am not bothered by it. I’m more concerned about the map filters not saving.


I want this along with all photogrammetry cities labeled please. But it won’t get done unless it’s a wishlist item with over 1000 votes. Then maybe.


How is tower cam connected to this?

I don’t see why this matters, and I especially don’t see why it matters any more for “sightseeing VFR pilots” than anyone else. Do “sightseeing VFR pilots” have a less firm grasp on geography? Are there people who think to themselves “I want to fly in Sicily” (just to pick a random place as an example) but they don’t know where Sicily is on the globe? If they don’t, how will having the countries labeled help them when they don’t know where on the globe to look for the labels?

You can find pretty much any major city by searching in the airport menu. That should be enough to get you in the right neck of the woods.


Google should also rethink their map design. Having countries/borders labeled on the map was a dumb idea.


Hmm don’t think I need country borders… not in flight, nor on the globe. If I want to see (in detail) where I am, including river names, city names, mountain names and borders I put LittleNavMap on,


XBox folks are still waiting for this one to appear in the Market place…


Doubt it’ll ever be on the marketplace as it’s an external app.

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There’s already a wishlist item for this under the title ‘Improve the world map’, currently with 278 votes. But as someone pointed out in that thread, the fact that country boundaries in multiple cases can become topics of political controversy, it seems pretty unlikely that we’ll ever see this in the world map.

FWIW though, I would love to see this added. For those who don’t understand the appeal, for me a basic use case would be that I decide I want to do a tour around one specific country, but there’s currently no easy way to just look at the map and plan a flight to do that.

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Yeah, quite a long time ago on release Aug’20 already :grin:, let’s put a link with description too,

Weird, mine are saving…

Couldn’t you use LNM and plan your trip there?

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The filters saved for me at one point but haven’t for a while. I always have to turn off the POI markers that are spammed over the World Update areas. Also the new exclamation mark likes to reappear after updates sometimes.

Okay. Ill try on Sunday to reproduce this specific use case.

Sure, but for people who don’t want to use an external app and just want to plan a simple flight via the world map, having country borders would make the use case above easier.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Country & State Name/Boarders.
It could be made an option in the Filters.

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Removed non-compliant language from Title so thread can remain open.

A basic country name/border geography filter should be standard…


Quite agree. Wish it ran like flight simulator x that was simple compared to this. But the difference in graphics is unparallel. Tower view is something I wish we had too.

There’s great third party tools available for exactly this Grand Tour Flight Planner » Microsoft Flight Simulator

The whole world map, and ‘VFR’ map are simply inadequate. At least now on the world map we can see the textures at close range.