Will we ever see the countries on the GLOBE?

Astronauts are always commenting on how nice it is to see the the plant without geopolitical borders.

I figured that was the reason in MSFS.


An earth without states, a globe without borders is my absolute favorite dream.

Totally agree. Its is after all a world map and will not just be useful for gaming but we would actually improve our geography. In fact I feel the in-game globe should be a full-blown replica with all the functionality that the Bing Map web page has. Country name, boders, capital cities marked, the works (with filters of course).

Yes we can just jump to Google/Bing maps in our browsers - but why? It should be in-game. Its like buying a pair of shoes and throwing one away. If a map is gonna be done in-game go all the way :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope also the airport and airfield symbols can be improved upon. For example the way its shown here is very clear instead of the microscopic white dots on the in-game globe:



Yeah, if you know the name or code the airport you want to use. A globe lacking the mapping of countries is a absolute no brainier, it’s not even disputable.

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i do not need countries on the globe.

There are other sources to find countries. I know it would be handy to have it in the sim, but you can’t draw political maps without positioning yourself politically. There are many countries that still have border disputes. Couldn’t be more true right now. Who owns Crimea? Russia or Ukraine? It is better to stay out of this struggle if you don’t wanna hurt feelings.

The political angle is tough to buy when Microsoft has already taken hard stands by banning Russia from its services, and plastering a big Ukrainian flag on the Flight Simulator welcome screen. And because this functionality already exists in other Microsoft products, notably Bing Maps, which supplies Flight Simulator with its scenery. They need only use a common international standard, then it’s not Microsoft’s fault if there is an argument about a border. It seems vastly more likely that this is just item #15,402 they haven’t gotten around to implementing yet.


It should have a filter where you can toggle country names & borders on and off.

This will keep both kinds of gamer happy.


I’d like more airport details when you select an airport. Location, weather, active runway, etc. At least there is LittleNavMap.

Going back to boarders, that would likely clash with airspace markings.

Easily one of the best freeware ever created. The depth of LNM constantly blows my mind. Its creator does all this for free. It is truly a tool that I (and no doubt many others) cannot fly without. Alex needs to get some sort of industry award for what he does.

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