Win10 1909 vs. 2004

Hey Folks

So far i had no succes in updating Win10 to the most recent version(2004).
Some people reported better overall performance and more fps on 2004.
Have you seen a difference between Win10 1909 and 2004 concerning MSFS performance?
I’m just wondering if it’s worth it to investigate what the culprit might be, hindering me to perform the 2004 update. Or is it a waste of time and MSFS runs just aswell on 1909?

Help me with your experience pelase. Thanks.

Upgraded to 2004 yesterday but no difference in FS for me.


Upgraded from 1909 to 2004 this week. With the latest nvidia driver and HAGS enabled I noticed no difference. A short time later after booting up my PC I got nothing but blue screens after the BIOS window and could not get further into Win 10. After reverting to Win 10 Version 1909 my PC was then okay again.

The update wasn’t great for me and I am in no hurry to try again and repeat the process.

If i do the update i get bluescreen before it even finishes and my computer automatically reverts to 1909…
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

me niether

A great result I would say!

Thankfully, you didn’t have to waste further time waiting for the installation to complete and then spend even more time reverting to 1909 like me. :relaxed:

no difference spotted so far.