Winchester, UK

Winchester is a city in the UK local to me.

I had a fly around and noticed that the Winchester Cathedral, which is a very famous landmark locally, is just a flat texture in the Flight Sim world. Also, the terrain of the city itself is incredibly hilly, and yet inside the sim, it appears to be level and flat. Once of the local motorways famously passes through a cut hill, yet in the sim, it just looks like flat fields either side.

Is there any chance things like this would be fixed? Or are we stuck with an inaccurate recreation of a famous old city?

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The sad fact is that non-photogrametry locations in the sim are rubbish due to the poor resolution of Bing maps.

I flew over Rochester UK and the cathedral is a flat instinct image and the castle is a ring of apartment buildings.

On the other hand, I live in Portsmouth where the scenery is so accurate that I can see the curtains in my apartment windows with the drone camera! Honestly, I really can.

Portsmouth though has full photogrametry in FS.

That’s the difference.

I suggest some patience :slight_smile:
I was disapointed the first day by the lack of MOAI on Easter Island, and someone fixed it for free 4 or 5 days later :smiley: ! (lucky)
I’m really impressed by all the free mods & sceneries available day after day… have a look here for example, try the menu in the country section and choose England. New stuffs almost every day !


I’m from Eastleigh which also has the Photogrammetry data (as long as you’re not talking Boyatt Wood or Chandler’s Ford), and my house is there too. It is clear though when using the drone camera that these things weren’t meant to be viewed at ground level!

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