Wind and Gust Excessive and Unrealistic

I think the gust model is way too aggressive. The planes bounce around more in in 20 kt winds than I’ve witnessed in some of the gustiest situations I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean more gusty than a 70 knot headwind coming out of mountains with our heads smashing against the ceiling; more gusty than coming into land in a 172 as a microburst hits.

I’ve landed in winds up to 40 knots where it was so smooth the only way you would know it was by looking at the ground.

I would like the option to lower the Speed% to Zero if I have to. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have zero gusts for multiple purposes. People who are learning about flight can better see the effects of increased winds without being thrown around. It allows people messing around to play with aircraft performance. It allows people with live weather to face jetstream winds without turbulence (like it can often be).

Please correct me if I’m missing some options: I’m setting the Gust Frequency to 60 sec and the speed to 50%, which should give me the most gradual or fewest changes in windspeed and the least variance from the baseline.

To justify this claim: I’m a pilot of ~3000 hours in over a dozen aircraft of distinct handling qualities, sub 100kt cruise to supersonic (including 5 from this game), with experience skydiving and sailing. I’ve done low-level flying in nearly every type of terrain and have landed in both flat and mountainous regions.


same here …


I don’t even understand how the gust settings are supposed to work. Frequency is how often the gusts happen. Direction is the direction of the gust I guess. Does it add (vector-wise) to the original wind ? And percentage is the speed of the gust in relation to the “constant wind” speed ?

So, if my understanding is correct, with the following settings:

  • Wind: 360°/10kts
  • Gust: 60s/180°/100%
    I will have a constant 10kts wind from the north with “gusts” every minute during which there is no wind at all.

And last a question: how long will the gust last ?

I’m sure there is some randomness to make all this “realistic”…


I wonder if they give us the option to adjust this
Do you think, the 3rd party developers would help when they create aircrafts ?