Wind and turbulence effect in VR

I have been playing around with VR in Quest 2 the last days. As this is my first experience with VR it gave me a mixed bag of feelings. Sure, I can completely understand that this kind of immersion is the future, but the technology has a long way to go. Besides the complexity to get it up and running I noticed some annoying effects.

While the depth perception is wonderfull, experiencing turbulence is not. In 2d view the pilots head in correlation to the instrument panel will also move. This gives a convincing effect of being shaken by the plane. In the 3d world only the outside is moving violently. As long as the user (sitting on a static armchair) keeps his head still the cockpit does not move. Maybe it’s a setting somewhere but it kills immersion for me…

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Possibly a hidden setting in an attempt to avoid VR sickness. Movement that you do not control yourself can be particularly nausea-inducing.

A slider would be nice though, for those of us that do not experience VR sickness and would prefer the increased level of realism that this might improve.

There is a solution, please vote!
FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

Great observation. I vote for it.

One maybe really silly question. How can I vote?? I see no bite button or something like this!?

follow the link and that thread allows you to vote

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