Wind direction and runway

The wind direction and runway instruction from ATC is just wrong. Only by about 180° . I see comments about this but no acknowledgment.


I haven’t seen ATC being wrong on the wind yet. I did notice the MFD on some planes showing it 180 degrees turned around though, and it’s been reported before.

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I think they mean with their runway assignments. It seems to be incorrect based on the wind.

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As an example today the wind was reported by
atis as 067 at 23 knots .
I was instructed by atc to land on runway 26.
This has been occurring from day one.


Depends on what you consider to be the correct runway at that point in time. It might not be correct compared to real-world weather but it most likely is with the weather in the sim.
Also, keep in mind that a runway is not closed everytime the wind switches directions. If there’s only a minor tailwind of a few knots and/or the TAF reports significant changes to the wind direction the current runway might aswell stay active.

Best way to check the runways in use would be to check ATIS messages in the sim. I’m pretty sure the runways mentioned there will not deviate from what ATC assigns you for.

Edit: bottom line - weather information is no reliable source on runways in operation. Decision is made in the tower.

Actually I have had this multiple times now in MSFS where ATIS or even Tower on the landing clearance, will give runway wind information that clearly favors the opposite runway of the one in use…well above a few knots where it can be ignored.

In real life it sometimes takes a PIC to ask if the opposite runway is available to make it happen. Up until that first guy asking for 24 instead of 06 herd mentality sometimes has everyone “thinking 24 would be better” but “I don’t want to cause a ruckus” or “well that Bonanza managed to land with that 12 kt tailwind so my SuperCub should do OK”


True, but in case of the example given, a 23 kts tailwind, I would have preferred the other runway, don’t you agree?


What was the actual wind on final?
ATIS currently reports wrong data, so the most relevant for flying are the actual conditions.
I usually use METAR from online sources which now match the wind pretty well since Asobo fixed the issues with cached old data last week.

Currently ATIS cannot be trusted with live weather.

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The tower only clears you for a runway. The decision to land there is made in the cockpit. The pilot/Captain decides based on weather information.

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Regarding the 180 windsock, there’s a common mistake done by amateur developpers as well as pro like Orbx with KSBA still not patched :

Source :


Ummm, Not even close. You can’t disregard towers landing clearance at a controlled airfield and just choose to land on another runway if you feel like it.

I’ve seen the same issue as what the OP said. Sometimes the ATC seems to just be plain back to front. YSBK in Sydney Australia, ATC always has the active runways back to front to the wind


It’s actually the tower that reports the wind then clears you to land with a 20 knot tailwind


Not in the real world, at least not as you write it here. Yes the PIC does make the final decision on the runway, but if as PIC I don’t like the assigned runway, for example due to the winds, I must request a runway change from the tower. And then possibly accept a holding position until my request can be granted.
That does happen and I have done that on a couple occasions, in one case as soon as I asked for the other runway quite a few other crews chimed in they would like the same, including commercial flights.

The only exception to this would be if you have declared an emergency and have been given carte blanche to land on anything available to you.

I think you’ve got it in one . It is the tower that is wrong not the weather as the wind sock is correct to the atis and the aircraft’s behaviour

In fact, I got denied today… twice. Wind was 21 I think it was, runway was 6, asked for 24 “No”, 17? “No, but you can use 35”… they did eventually switch to 17

And @BarbedJungle585

That‘s exactly what I said. You‘re cleared to land, not forced to. If you decide not to land on the assigned runway for whatever reason (wind for example) you don‘t. You then request another runway and either you get the clearance or you divert. Of course you can‘t land whereever you want. But you don‘t have to land if you don‘t want to. This is the decision of the cockpit crew.

OK…then it was just a simple misunderstanding or misreading of what you posted.
In the sim of course exactly that bit does not quite work, as the tower will not clear you for the opposite runway. So you are stuck with either going somewhere else or violating the regulations and land on the desired runway despite the clearance :slight_smile:

For me it is just a little baffling that this rather simple concept, one that has as far as I can remember worked flawlessly in the legacy sims, is so wrong in this version.

ATC Winds

This is the sort of thing I was talking about…Winds 096 @ 29 … runway in use 25 :slight_smile:

And in MSFS you do not have an option to ask for 07 which would be what any sane pilot would do in this location where both directions have a clear approach path and if needed an ILS.

And despite that wind, I still don’t have the “just a few bumps” award :slight_smile:


Or you just don‘t touch FS ATC :smiley:


I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to request a different runway in the past. Doesn’t show up all the time though. Maybe if you’re past a certain point it’s not available anymore? Not sure what defines it being an option.