Wind direction and runway

I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to request a different runway in the past. Doesn’t show up all the time though. Maybe if you’re past a certain point it’s not available anymore? Not sure what defines it being an option.

I once requested another runway and approach, Atc cleared me but with “circling to land” on again the wrong one.

Also I had AI traffic landing on the opposite direction than the one assigned to me by ATC but that was back in August and might have been fixed in the meantime.

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It does work if there is a parallel runway. But if there is only one I have not had any luck asking for the upwind runway so to speak.
On an IFR flight I can ask and normally get clearance to any runway I like, but as others have pointed out with the “circle to land” command which negates the whole excercise :smiley:

Safe to say ATC does need some major fixing, or for the moment simply go back to FS9 or X. It was not perfect there either, but quite a bit more consistent at least with US FARs.

There is a related topic in the “bug” section … so if you think (agree) that the wind handling is not correct … votes might help.

the tower/atc clear you for the active runay, which they decide, based on wind (mostly). Some airfields, for exaple Aspen, allow tail wind landings upto a certain limit; as they only have 1 instrument approach rw if the weather closes in a little.

There’s so much extra unnecessary discussion about this here. It’s just a bug plain and simple. Tower isn’t over complicating things or adding all these extra wind elements into your landing clearance etc…

It’s happened to me numerous times so far with no logical explanation except it’s a bug. Their simply not matching up the best runway with the current reported weather.

Just flew into MYGF in Bahamas tonight and wind was literally from 060 but yet they vectored me to land on rwy 24 instead of 6.

Game has plenty of annoying bugs and this is just one of them.
Look at weather during flight planning and select runway accordingly if you want it to be better matched up with wind…


Well now that you cleared it up for us all we understand it is a “bug” :wink:
What exactly is new then in your findings ?? However … just because the wind is out of 060 does not mean IRL runway 06 would be used…terrain, approaches and noise abatement could mean a small tail wind component on a long runway may still be acceptable procedure.

Sadly the related “bug” topics has already been archived.

ATC doesn’t select the runway correctly, and ATIS doesn’t seem to have the right runways

Not sure if we need to open a new discussion in the bug section to keep the issue “alive” until it is “fixed”.

Just like the post you are responding to said, you are over complicating things. You are missing the point. MSFS ATC is not factoring is noise abatement procedures for time of day, terrain etc. yes we know in real life those factors exist, but there is simply a flat out bug with ATC at many airports. It happens daily to me at airports where there is no terrain or noise abatement procedures, I’m flying a visual approach in VFR conditions and a 10+ knot wind, and ATIS and Tower have the active runway flipped so you are landing with a tailwind that is in excess of aircraft limitations

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Bug indeed. It seems to have gotten worse since the last update too. Last night, I was assigned RWY 27R for landing at KOPF. However they were taking off planes on 9L, the other end of the same runway. I’ve never seen that happen before.


Just guessing of course, but maybe they’re also taking into account what regular runway patterns are, and are not relying entirely on the current wind direction.

I’ve seen this happen too, but in my experience only on more complex, towered airports.

on single strip airports it seems to be correct more often.

KOPF is not a big airport. 3 runways total (9L/27R, 9R/27L, and 12/30). I’ve gotten some bad ATC landing and takeoff runways there many times where I’m landing or taking off with tail winds or a crosswind where 12/30 should have been the obvious runway.

But never before did I see them landing planes in the opposite direction of other traffic on an active runway.

Then surely you’ve made a Zendesk report about this? :wink:

I’ve given up on Zendesk reports only to get back some meaningless canned reply that may or may not have anything to do with the problem I’m reporting. I’m tired of doing the QA testers’ jobs.


Sad to hear.
Zendesk is the only correct way to file bug reports. Just report it and ignore the replies if you’re tired of it. At least then it gets added to their internal tracker.

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I agree - ATC assignment of runways based on prevailing wind is wrong about 75%. I get my winds from the latest metar report. The ironic thing is that live weather will agree with the metar the majority of the time. It still assigns me the wrong runway most of the time.

Yes, there are occasions in the real world where ATC will assign a runway that doesn’t align with/near the wind BUT, there is usually a reason and it doesn’t happen very often. In the sim, it’s just wrong too often and has to be a design flaw.


Indeed. While weather conditions can be hit or miss when comparing to real world, wind, pressure and temperature tend to be correct. But still you’ll listen to ATIS and have it say winds are 270/15 and RWY 9 is active. That’s just messed up.

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I know this happens in the sim, especially if you load live weather after you are already in the cockpit to get around the bug that prevents loading live Wx normally on consecutive flights.

The statement I made still was correct and specifically stated small tail wind factors are acceptable even in real world situations and gave examples when that may be.
Maybe if you read all the posts in that thread you would have had the full picture instead of spouting off half cocked.

Yup…I’ve seen that plenty! :rofl::rofl:

The wrong runway assignments by ATC for the wind direction has been going on since day one and it appears that it will never be fixed. However, I have found that you can just ignore ATC and taxi to the correct runway for the wind direction, request takeoff clearance and be granted approval even though the stated runway number is wrong. I suppose you can do the same thing with landing.

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