Wind Gusts U3

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Have no wind gusts since U3

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Yes, they had it nearly perfect and now suddenly they are barely noticable anymore because they increased the frequency instead of decrease it LOL. I notice right before touchdown the frequency is really high where it should be the lowest because we are flying in a much less speed near touchdown. They change the gusts frequency depending on altidude. Thats totally wrong. Should be the planes speed that changes the frequency. Seems like they are not listening or maybe not want the landing to feel more unpredictable.

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Green = plane altitude above ground.
Red = wind speed.

As you can see 200FT above ground the gusts changing from real high frequency into low frequency. Above 200FT the gust frequecny is much higher than pre su10 beta 3. Now i see it doesn’t help providing detailed help. They make it the opposite of what we trying to say.

Those gusts is in a 175seconds period of time.
Between 0-125seconds on the x-axis you can see how much too frequent the gusts are compared to 125-175 seconds. Why change to make it easier? Make changes to make the gusts feel more realistic instead.

You should listening to this guy how he explains it:


Am I seeing things? In the other thread you say the weather is just fine!


Well i noticed a difference in latest beta update and i reported that. Many has complained frequency is too high and now it seems it’s even higher.

This topic is about the latest version of su10 beta. 1.27.13

And where did i say it worked just fine? I’ve said it’s better with gusts than without.

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Beta 3: I have gusts, but as Perrry said: ït’s too frequent now.
Its almost getting ridiculous: I have variable wind speed 8-12kts (at cruise 6000ft, 120IAS). Ok. But it changes 3 times/second! The view is hopping sideways like crazy. FSRealistic dampens it a bit, but now it is way too frequent, and the dizziness while flying is just too much.
Im all for gusts - THE thing Im mostly looking fwd in SU10.
Also further down 1000ft I have micro-gusts of 1kt! 4-5kts, and the view shakes like crazy. Not good, imho.

This is not how gusts work. Should be less frequent and not like these micro gusts every .3sec.
Had ‘gusts’ at home the other day. Was more like: 15sec 16kts - gust 8sec 20kts - calms down 30sec 13kts etc. Also at my work we have displayed anemometers for the four RWY thresholds - showing live wind update. In gusts its never like this ultra-frequent micro-gusts all the time.
Really really hope this will be looked at, otherwise Im sure 80% of the community will never use LiveWX.


Weird I’ve seen the wind speed vary like crazy but in practice it seems more stable, almost like the crirtcal frequency has been reached and the aero model is incapable of reacting in time. I was using the carenado c337 so no cfd and possibly a weirdly tuned flight model but it was bearable. I need to do some testing with the c172 to compare.


Yeah. Might have been the AC(Kitfox). The C414 felt better - without these micro swirls left/right.

Main point still remains: This is not how gusts work. Even if the AC is moving forward it shouldn’t change wind-speed 3 times/second.

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LOL they did the exact opposite of what needed to be done to the gusts. The frequency needed to be dialed down a notch instead of increasing it this much. Do they even listen to the feedback we give?

Yeah we have the same. One second live wind refresh. If it needs to be done I have no issue with taking a short video to show how the wind speed and direction changes. But it seems it’d be futile.


We should be able to ride the waves. They need to make the gusts come in waves. Think like it is water. The faster we move the more often we should fly into those waves but the waves should stay the same just come more often.

Agree, all the planes feel different in those gusts. cessna 152 feels good too as a default plane. pmdg 737 have felt good too.

Well maybe it’s the models. It requires more work to behave realistic in gusts i bet.

Agree, frequency need to be tuned. Hope they find the good spot soon :slight_smile:

The tricky is that i get mostly different results everytime i meassure the winds. Today it was better. Not that sudden change in frequency that i had yesterday.

I tried glider and that doesn’t behave like that, i bet it’s because it flying slower?

My thoughts is that the frequency increases too fast with speed and altitude. Altitude should not change frequency right?

I also think it change too often between maximum gust and minimum wind too often. A gust value on a METAR is the highest in a 10 minute period of time. That means the highest should be 1 time per 10 minutes at ground.

The thing is that is at ground. The tricky is to meassure gusts while flying. They need to find a plausible frequency while flying that works with every aircraft.

I think make the frequency increase/decrease more smooth and less fast would make a big difference.

And as @Moach6908 said make more smooth/stable winds in between the gusts.


Egg-xactly! Air is a FLUID don’t forget! Hence “constant fluid dynamics”!


I think that increased CFD to 20KM will be spot on. But that needs calculations/inputs as well. And the input will decide how realistic the output is.

The issue with that is we need the winds at airports with METAR be as METAR says. How to inject real winds/fluid simulation if it needs to be forced in a state?

I bet we will have the simulated fluid outside of airports and as soon as we come close to a METAR airport it will change to legacy wind-system. So sad.

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Turbulence right now kinda feels more like a vibration than actual weather. I was flying from LFMN to EHAM just now and hit a patch of turbulence at FL380, with clear blue skies, and the plane felt like it was driving over cobblestones at high speed.

Totally unauthentic rattling ride. Not like turbulence at all.

This phenomenon persisted continuously, with no pause or change for the latter half of my flight. Wind speeds weren’t even that unusual, with about 20~30kts headwinds, but they vibrated furiously with fluctuations better measured in Hertz rather than gusts per minute.

Most immersion-breaking, there was no change to this theme until we started descent. Not a pause or lull, not even amplitude variations. Just a sawtooth monotone of pulsating wind, always to the same amount and impossibly rapid frequency

This issue seems to be all related to the bit of “interpretation” between RW data and simulator physics. The part where the frequency of wind changes has to be contrived from an arbitrary model, since there is no data on that exact aspect of the weather.

There seems to be only one single layer of randomness concerning gust behavior now, and that is the randomness of the wind itself. Entirely missing is that second “outer” layer that causes the gusting itself to come and go as it does IRL.

If that were added, then the bumpy parts would feel quite nice. But without it, it just feels artificially constant and entirely unconvincing.

in short, gusts now feel like this:


where to be believable, they should be like this:



I wonder if they can change gusts behaviour without releasing an update. I have flown some days now and it have felt really good. Have just enjoyed the sim without testing much. Only my general opinion. What are you thinking about it? Now flying Warrior yesterday i tested pmdg 737. Both feels really nice to fly. I can feel the gusts but they feels smooth. I departed in sunrise. I could feel the air was smooth when departed and now when the sun is higher i get some more bumps. Thats also a really good feature.

With the static environment we have in this sim since release now also comes more alive with more life in the atmosphere :slight_smile:

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I have to agree. It’s like AI was tuning this whole time.
I flew from Phoenix to LA this morning my only complaint is “time”. 2+hrs in the Bonanza. When I took off it was daylight and when I got to LA the Sun was just coming up. I don’t think MS/Asobo account for DST.

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Been flying for the past 2 days in the Caribbean, and the wind gust frequency is way too much

Wind’s speed is changing more than once/second and the flights are very bumpy, and its doing it from ground up to FL310 (havent test higher with other planes than TBM)

Over the ocean wind should be steady, and higher we fly, steadier it should be

Anyway, we all know how it should work…

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Yeah, it seems that wind gusts are now present throughout the vertical profile.
I’ve been experiencing wind gusts at FL370. Nonsense.

Come on…
in the Middle of the Ocean
non stop

Yeah, these 1kt windgusts 3 times/sec are an annoyance.
Thats not how windgusts work.
Some planes, like the Kitfox, are almost unflyable with these rapid microgusts.


They are easier to fly than with less frequent and more unpredictable frequency. Well i agree those microgusts feels strange and unnatural though.

Here is a clip when i landing in gusts with cessna 152 also show how i set up runway views if someone are interested to record their landings :slight_smile:

winds=17G27 crosswinds.

demonstrated crosswind component for c152 = 12KTS

I feel the frequency has been improved since i first tried it in su10 beta 1. Sorry for bad landing, not easy to land in those gusts and it should not be especially in crosswinds.

Edit: I know i should have made a goaround, that the most tricky part, i think it’s because we can’t feel the risk of putting it down in a simulator. What do you think?

Besides, thank you Asobo for implementing gusts. I think you can improve them too, But make them more realistic, if you can’t let gusts be until you can :slight_smile:

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That looks pretty good @Perrry!
Im glad gusts are (back) in liveWX.
But don’t understand those 1-3kts ultrafrequent microgusts, as also documented by GenBrienYQB above…

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