Wind / Live Weather Still Broken

Still have the classic 225/03 knot winds in the US And just about anywhere that’s not europe. It works in some places in europe.

For example, I just selected orlando as my departure, The departure info window told me the winds should be 10 knots.

But all I get is the 225/03 winds. Having proper winds (or at least just the winds that the game says there should be) is hugely important for immersion for myself and many others. They have repeatedly said that this is supposed to be a simulator. How can it be a simulator with broken wind for all of North America, Canada, Mexico, Alaska and basically anywhere that’s not Europe.

It’s also getting very concerning that they have not recognized this as a known issue at all. When it’s probably the single most glaring thing that sim pilots will notice. Makes me think that they know the answer and are afraid of our reaction.

Let me make it clear. If this is just how it is. I will be seeking the refund that I am legally entitled to. Right now this product is broken and not as advertised. And there’s not one single “refund policy” that goes above consumer protection laws.

I urge everyone to make threads, and bug reports about this. I understand it not working initially. But to not even recognize this as a known issue at this point, is unacceptable and cause for major alarm for anyone who cares about flight simulation.


The data is being streamed from their Servers. The Algorithms and parameters are implemented and designed “Based ON” real world weather. The AI is a programmable Kernel, Which has a core engine that computes the necessary code that mimics it. So its not going to be perfect. Just being honest. When the day comes where were we can fully predict the weather and human life expectancies; that would be the day of an AI singularity that controls all computes everything networked into everyday life. May happen in 2060. We’ll see.

Sorry, buzzwords won’t save you here.

The wind is broken. This is not up for debate. The wind in the game will be 225/03 in the vast majority of places. regardless of what the game says it should be.

Did you even read the OP? (rhetorical question. You didn’t) I spawned in florida, and the game said that the wind was 10 knots at the location I spawned at.

But it wasn’t. It was in fact 225/03 Just like the vast majority of other places.

For a huge part of the world. There is simply no simulated wind of any kind. always 225/03. Many other people are having this exact same issue. Do your research before posting again.


People we need to realize we are testing a beta release. It’s gonna be a while before some of the major issues are resolved.


Didn’t pay $120 for a beta. If they wanted to do early access. They should have called it that, It would have been fine. But they didn’t. So they don’t get the luxury of having issues like this forgiven / overlooked.


All games or programs that are new to the market are Beta releases. No company risks marketing a product as a demo or early access anymore. All I see is a personal complaints without acknowledging any details given though a reasonable rebuttal or valid argument.

Like I said. It is plainly broken. This is not up for debate.

The game says there should be wind in location X at 10 knots. I load into the game. And it’s the classic 225/03, No matter what altitude, where I go around location X, etc. This is not a weather model that isn’t working the best, This isn’t some difference between the streamed weather model and METARs. This is a core advertised game feature that is flat out broken and non functional for most of the world.

You are just making yourself look like a fool because you have very clearly not done research. This is an issue that many people are having. Do your research next time before you run your mouth. Do you understand me?


I think I just stepped into an episode of CSI Cyber.

Nonsensical tech word salad aside, real world METARs are almost never matching in sim weather (and are often very far off). If I grab a METAR and then step into the same airport in the sim, I would expect ATIS to be close-ish.

That being said, I hear ATIS give different wind than just 225/3 at the surface, and the MFD doesn’t update. I’m wondering if the wind display is bugged as well.


You have no clue. Wind is broken . Seems to me like you are trolling around the main issue OP is talking about… Anyway…


I agree funkbrotha10. On Vatsim just now, controller gave me rwy 04L at a US airport with the wind at 05013G18KTs which was the correct metar. In MSFS the wind was 255/03KTs. If I landed on 04L as instructed l would have had a tail wind, not much I know but this can not be right can it. Caused me to have a discussion lets say with the Tower Controller. It was at the end of a long flight and I just did not want to land with any sort of tail wind so I went missed and flew on. Needs to be sorted.


Yup, It’s absolutely insane. Between this and the fact that there is not accurate taxiway markings. Something like vatsim is basically useless. I don’t even think Foreflight supports MSFS2020 yet. So there aren’t apps where you can see a geo-referenced view of your plane on the airport diagram.


I don’t think it’s so much the display as the weather. It’s very finicky when it wants to give you real winds. I don’t get them often, but I have, even outside of the US. Hopefully this will be addressed on the 27th.

Hard to say. If I switch ATIS on at the local airport and it is reporting some non 225/3 wind, then clearly the sim knows about some kind of wind (although that’s usually wrong compared to real METARs). Yet the display will still be 225/3.

We understand that this is not a difference between the game’s streamed weather mode. And whatever the IRL metar is for a given field at a given time. The live wind / turbulence data is just not present or working for most of the planet.

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I’m not suggesting that the only thing wrong is a real vs. sim mismatch. There’s no need to be surly.

I was just adding the observation that when you do get some ATIS winds, the display doesn’t agree with those either. So there are multiple confounding issues.

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Yeah, it’s the ATIS reporting wrong, the displays are right. Easy to confirm - just set manual weather and dial up the winds, you’ll see the PFD display match accordingly. Windsocks will match the PFD as well.

Yeah the weather is very strange.

Foreflight does work fine with MSFS. I am using XMapsy to output aircraft position to Foreflight. At the moment though, because of the simconnect bug, it causes stutters, so I am restricting the Foreflight connection to ground ops only, and not using it in flight.


looks like weather today doesn’t work again, it point to also with wind -.-- and also picture of expected weather scheme on right up window…

I always thought they turned off weather to fix it. It was working day one and a lot of players complained of aircraft stability, Suddenly weather went away and it is more stable.

I don’t think its a coincidence. Call me a conspiracy theorist.