Windeffects while taxiing

While taxiing in crosswind (Cessna 152), the aircraft is pushed into the wind.
Is this normal behaviour? I’d expect it’s pushed away from the wind.
Thanks in advance.

That is likely because the wind is hitting the rudder, which has a big surface, and imagine if the wind is coming from the right (seen from the cockpit) the tail of the plane will be pushed away to the left (as you expect), but since the frame is stiff, it pivots on the wheels and pushes your nose into the wind.

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Seems normal and logical. Wind blows to the tail and turns the plane into direction of the wind.

Yes these wind effects are normal behaviour, as mentioned the wind pushes on the tail, which in turn swings the nose. It works like a weathercock.

Apply into wind aileron when taxiing with a crosswind.

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Jup this is normal.

If you don’t have rudder pedals I’d personally recommend to use “rudder assist” from the assistance menu.