Windmill - red beacon - LOD - disappear when get close

FYing at Night, it is great to see the Red Beacons on Windmills, and other obsticles.

Notice Windmill Beacon straight ahead at about 11:30

You can also see others further away at about 10:30 on the distant shore.

But, as you approach these Windmills, their Red beacon Lights suddenly disappear, (at about the time you need them the most !!)

You can see in the 2nd Screen shot, that Red Beacon light that was ahead of us earlier, , now does not show .

LOD issue with Windmills ??? (or beacon lights in General )

Is this “user” fixable (with some Mod or Edit), or will ASOBO have to address this

YES, has to be a VERY LOW Priority for ASOBO – so many other much more important things to fix first, but in the meanwhile, is there anything us “Pilots” can do to make a temporary fix ???

Have you reported this on Zendesk?

Asobo doesn’t read this forum so we have to report bugs on there.

The post was to ask the question, is there a Temporary USER fix/mod ( I am not a scenery designer).

Yes, it should be reported to ZenDesk, but it has to be very low Priority, and I was looking for a “Quick USER Solution”

FYI: I have sent quite a few Bug Reports to ZenDesk, all of them with less than satisfactory responses, and outcomes… (enough said))

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