Windmills still in opposite direction?

Am I correct to notice that the windmills are still pointing in the opposite direction? So not facing where the wind is coming from?

Yes… at least it seems like it to me. Last night on a flight over a fairly windy Scottish West Coast the wind turbines I saw were all the wrong way round… or maybe its a sign that ASOBO have us all trapped in a temporal pincer movement.

Yes you are right, they are facing the opposite direction…

Chances are there were just placed, using the default 180 degree direction, so I bet, just like the windsocks, they need to be 0, but nobody from Asobo object development communicated that fact to Asobo scenery development… :roll_eyes:

Correct… They don’t pivot into the wind, and on top of that, they always run at a steady rpm, regardeless of the wind conditions.
I don’t really care tbh but it would be nice if some day it’s fixed.

Well, some windmills actually do face away from the wind, the so-called “downwind HAWT” type, but the ones in the sim look more like the much more common “upwind HAWT”.

It’s not entirely true that they “always run at a steady rpm”. In calm winds they don’t rotate at all, at least in my experience.

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Hmzzzzz… I’ll check again… Last time I paid attention to it their behaviour didn’t match with the real situation.

For what is worth…windsocks also face the opposite direction.

No wonder I always found my take off and landings “peculiar” with strong winds?!?

You got me intrigued looking deeper into this!