Window management works better now, but still freezing occurs

In previous versions of the SDK the sim freezed when I moved any of the SDK windows over any boundary of the screen. Now in SDK I can go anywhere to the left, right or bottom and the sim stays alive. Thank you, Asobo!

But… when I move a window, let’s say the Scenery Editor, towards the top of the screen: FREEZE!

I tried both, moving the window all the way up and moving it only to the point where it wants to maximize. In both cases the whole sim freezes and I have to call the task manager for help.

Does anybody else experience this bug? I think there is no reason for anybody to maximize an SDK window. What do you think?

I’m seeing the same thing here now. Also notice that I need to position the mouse above and to the right of the item I need to click in the debug windows and menu. It’s not displaced in the normal sim menu. It’ a pain.

Have you found any solution to this? I am experiencing the same issue here. Makes the scenery Editor completely unusable.

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Glad i’m not the only one. Same issue here. I was working fine until yesterday’s last update.

Yesterday i wasn’t able to open the project but today the situation got worse, and even moving a simple SDK window consist in a fatal freezing.

Is there already a topic about this anywhere?

I already complained about this twice on Zendesk. And I’m wondering why I don’t see any more posts about this. I can’t imagine there are only three of us who experience this. If there is a topic already I haven’t found it. :man_shrugging:

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Me neither. Right now i’m chatting with a mod and he confirmed me he didn’t meet anyone yet with this kind of problem.

Since yesterday i got also a Nvidia graphic card update, i will try to redownload the previous version before yesterday, and will let you know.

*EDIT: For my specific case, i found a solution for this problem. Reinstalling an older version of my Nvidia Graphic Card Driver worked. So it seems like it was the latest graphic card driver update the main issue. I downgraded from V461.09 to V460.89 (Those versions are relative to the RTX2070Super card, but you can find any model after searching them); i hope this may helps many of you.

To find an older version for your Nvidia’s Graphic Card driver, simply click on “Beta and Older Drivers”, then type your Graphic Card Series, number, etc and a list of the oldest drive’s versions will appear!

Ok, I will give this a try. I just hope this will be better in upcoming driver versions. :frowning:

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Yeah, same issue here. 460.89 driver works ok. With 461.09, instant freeze when I move any dev window outside of main program window.

I confirm. With a similar problem after the last update, rolled back to an older NVIDIA driver. And everything became normal. No freezes.

460.89 works for me, too. Thank you guys!

I wrote to Asobo via Zendesk about this. Here is their answer:

Thanks for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today. There are known issues (acknowledged by NVIDIA) with the latest driver that cause crashes in certain instances:

So it’s not their fault this time. It’s an issue with the latest NVIDIA driver. :slightly_smiling_face:

the problem has not been solved yet.Even with the latest release the program freezes

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