Windows 10 updates kb4601319 error 0x8007000d

Anyone else having problems with this update? some suggestions say reinstall Windows 10 as a cure.
Would mean losing all apps etc including FS2020

Anyone have any ideas to overcome this update problem?

Thanks in advance

Not had any problems with it on my PC. It was installed on the 10th of February for me.
Have you got a system restore point you can revert to before the date it was installed on your machine?

ASUS GPU TweakII or III is incompatible with KB4601319. After deinstall KB does not create multiple program stop.

I am using a HP Reverb G2 so I had to un install Windows Mixed Reality to get that update to work. After finishing the update had to re install Windows Mixed Reality. I do find it quite amazing that a Windows update needs to un install one of it’s own modules to get updated.

I did the same, apparently conflict with Windows Mixed Reality.

Yep tried that, no success.

Anytime I get errors or Issue’s I always open command prompt as admin then run: sfc/scannow will check and fix any corrupt files.

No luck for me, didn’t work.

Did you uninstall it via Windows → Settings → Mixed reality → Uninstall?

I tried to uninstall Mixed Reality Portal in Add/Remove programs - did not help.
After uninstalling Mixed Reality it in Settings - it worked perfectly.

Yes that is what I did

Don’t fully understand your reply, can you explain further ?

Don’t have MR on my PC, uninstalled the portal but no difference.

Used a tool to hide updates like in win7 , at least I now get a Windows is up to date message.


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