Windows 11 wonder when FS2020 will require it

I see many people have played with Windows 11 Beta and FS2020. Because it is a beta until sometime in October I wasn’t shocked to see people have had mixed results with some having great experiences while others having stability issues. Again it is a BETA, and it is Windows so stability issues are to be expected.

What I am wondering is when Microsoft will say as of Patch X FS2020 will ONLY work on Windows 11. Hopefully they will not do this but it would be logical for them to do this as it would be a way to push people to the new OS. In addition because the FS2020 patches are forced upon you (you can’t continue to play until patched). It could force some who don’t plan to move to Windows 11 to upgrade. (Not to mention some hardware platforms can’t support Windows 11 hardware requirements.)

Again I hope this will NOT happen but I wouldn’t be shocked if Microsoft at some point in the next 12 months made FS2020 one of the ways to force people to Windows 11 update.

I’m on windows 11 Beta version and it works fine for me
I’m hoping your prediction is that they will keep it on windows 10
They can’t be that ruthless….?

I doubt they will do this, but there is a precedent. When MS released Halo 2 it required Windows Vista, and DX11. It wasn’t long before the community managed to find a way to make it work under XP, as MS had attempted to use it as a way of selling Vista.


That’s interesting and worrying at the same time


Yep, the Internet never forgets.


I hope they stay with the recommended from release - win 10. I have an i7 7700k so sadly I can’t install win 11 but if they change it, it means that I will no longer be able to start my purchased game… I’m a little worried about that.

I cannot personally see it as windows 10 will be supported until 2025
That would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot !!
Lots of people stayed on windows 7 for a long time as it was like xp , very stable OS


Unless something Windows 11 has that the sim will use and isn’t supported on 10, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about anytime soon.


The only thing we know atm is that Microsoft will want to push you in that direction. ATM there is no overwhelming reason to move to Windows 11. I will wait until we see where our best options lie.
They usually use a software requirement to subtly push people to a new OS, so I would imagine something with dx12 will come into play.

Yes the TPM module is one thing and secure boot
If they forced people then that doesn’t make business sense so I don’t think it’s still something to worry about ………yet

Both of which are available on Windows 10.

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Yes a bios change if you have a fairly recent pc
Anyway it’s a good point the OP has raised but pure speculation at this stage

Yes you can, I run / ran it on a i7/6 as a 10 upgrade. As long as you have TPM you can run it. Personally I think its really terrible the direction they’re headed with it, and to date have shown that you’ll get what MS wants not what so many users / testers have requested.

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I agree entirely, although I made the change and windows 11 beta is working fine with msfs
The caveat is that my FSX doesn’t seem to work now but I’m not going to dwell on that as I don’t use it now and this is an msfs forum not an FSX one

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TPM is a security feature that will come to Windows 10 soon after 11 is released. Unless the implementation is extremely poor on Windows 10, it will have little to no impact on gaming bias.

I didn’t know that, that’s informative in the sense they are going to to insist on TPM for windows 10
I have two laptops that don’t meet windows 11 requirements but haven’t heard that they will have to have TPM or I misread your post

TPM is a security feature that can be used right now with Windows 10. We use it for some of the machines we have at work that use Bitlocker.

What makes you think this is Windows 11 only?

Go to your start menu, and type “tpm”. You should see a link to the tool you can use to manage it,even if you don’t have a TPM chip, or the motherboard doesn’t have it in firmware.

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Windows 11 uses WDDM 2.0 with 3.0 support. Since FSX uses WDDM 1.0, this looks like the issue. That is something that Should be supported by a game update later.

EDIT: changed “will be supported” for “should be supported”. I don’t know anything about the development of the game, it is not something I could have an opinion on.

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Oh ok thanks for the info :+1:t2:

Will look into that , thanks