Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file

You do not have the appropriate permissions . . . .
OK So, dinking with the permissions to access the FLIGHTSIM.EXE and trying to get Oculus Tray Tool to work, I screwed up my install. Here’s the issue…
I can access MSFS from my desktop icon or the FLIGHTSIM.EXE file if I use the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (Right Click) option. However, if I just double click the icon, I get the error message above “You do not have the appropriate permissions”. I have searched and searched but have hit a brick wall… What did I do to screw this up and how do I fix it? Thanks gents

Same problem here…

I do not see any responses. Did you resolve it?

Mine is MS Store install. It would not let me save anything (WT CLJ 9.0) in the Community folder.

I had to re-install FS2020 from the MS Store onto to my D:\FS2020\ directory.
About 7 hours.

Gave up on WT CL4. ASOBO CL4 flies just fine now in AP and ILS.

Yes. I would love to help you but I am in town, away from the computer. As soon as I get back, I will get back here and help you. Please bear with me.

I had corrupted my registry I think. I made a new account in Windows. Shut down the Microsoft account in my original MS Store log in then logged into the new Windows account. Then went into MS Store and logged in, using the original Store account again. It reset everything.