Windows defender doesn't allow to install the SDK

This looks like an error the Author’s website. I tried from a MAC and same error. No WD there.

Thank you, his website gets the same error, not sure how to contact him and tell him it’s offline. Oh well welcome to the world of COVID.

You could view the website in Google cache. The contact page might work from the cache?

I think the facebook link will work better for contacting.

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Interesting, from Edge Browser cannot get it to work. From Firefox is also does not work. Putting in e-mail as contact also results in error. But my FB account I suspended/deleted years ago, and up till your link could not get anything to work in it. But see his FB page. Thank you for letting me have this info. Now got to figure this out. Will try google direct and see what happens.

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Same problem with Windows defender and SDK :nauseated_face:
Microsoft don’t reconize his own software !

I was willing to disable my antivirus for 2 minutes a couple times a day for a brief bug with running Flight SImulator, but I’m not going to ignore the antivirus for installing an SDK. Sorry, Asobo. Fix it please!