Winds aloft completely off

Now I don’t expect this to come as a surprise to anyone, but my high-altitude winds are woefully inaccurate. This is the case using both default (live) weather as well as Unreal Weather, though my understanding is that UR doesn’t claim to support winds aloft data.

Of course this is rather detrimental to proper planning when on a live network such as VATSIM or PilotEdge, so it’s quite frustrating beyond just immersion. In fact, when flying a route from KFLL to KDCA with a friend, despite departing 5 minutes after I did he ended up passing me mid-way through the trek (he’s on P3D with accurate winds, he had a tailwind, I had a headwind).

How are you guys finding your high-altitude winds? Is there any known method to have accurate winds that would (more) closely resemble the wind charts provided through SimBrief, for example?

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I mean, I don’t find any of the winds even remotely correct.

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