Windshield rain effects for add on aircraft

Hi, I use the Prosim 737-800NG in MSFS2020, only the visuals are used in the sim so its like using an external drone view.

What I am missing is the windshield rain and wiper effects. in FSX/P3D they had a ‘virtual cockpit’ mode (not VR mode) that allowed for this but I cannot find anything like this for MSFS2020.

Does anybody know if its possible to display windshield rain and wiper effects but exclude all the cockpit.


At this time, it is not possible. Asobo said during one of their recent twitch streams that it’s a lower priority item that’ll probably be late this year/early next year. Personally, I think it’s a huge disappointment. Rob randazzo from PMDG announced I. The podcast this past weekend that they will not be building it into their products and will wait for Asobo.

He also said that he knows when it’s coming so it must be quite concrete already. My guess is it’ll come with SU 10.

Highly doubt we’ll see it in SU10 but that would be a nice surprise…

Probably true, but if the update is tied to DX12 which is not far fetched then it might even be done already. Of course the issue being Asobo can’t commit as to when the completed DX12 will be delivered, we’re assuming SU10 but it might get delayed.