Windsocks are driving me crazy


A lot of community addon have (default) windsock with bad heading. I always can’t understand why a windsock is sensible of heading and not only of wind!

Please Asobo/Microsoft do something, please use as example Windy Things ( Windy Things » Microsoft Flight Simulator ) mades a windsock sensible of wind only.

Important Notes

Unlike the default Asobo windsock, all of the objects in this library have been designed so that they will remain properly oriented to the wind, regardless of how you rotate them in your scene.

I a’m searching a way to modify (massively) the heading of the windsocks directly in the bgl file.

I have tried to modify directly the bgl in binary using a python script but , I have an offset of 1 “simobject” entry , probably I don’t unterstand well the structure of the bgl.

I have worked with:

Do you have some clue to do that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,
This sounds like a question that is best suited for the SDK category, so I moved it there.
The reason for the problem is this:

There was a bug early on where windsocks faced 180° opposite of what they were supposed to. To compensate, a lot of third-party airport developers modified their windsocks to be 180° opposite in order to compensate for the bug.

Unfortunately, when this issue was fixed, it was then incumbent upon every developer who did the workaround to revert their windsocks. But not everybody has.

As for how to edit the BGL files, I will leave that to someone who actually knows the SDK (not me). But if you have third-party airports with this issue, I would strongly suggest contacting the developers and telling them to reverse their windsocks.

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