Windsocks have disappeared from all my airports(help)

Hi this happened a few builds back but one moment i had windsocks, but then since a while ago windsocks have disappeared from all my airports even 3rd party add-on ones.

I can’t even find the windsock object to use in my airports I’m working on in the sdk.

Has anyone else had this and fixed it?
or does anyone know which file normally contains the windsock object maybe I can delete it and redownload it at sim start.

Help very welcome thanks.

Interesting, I have not seen this.

Expect I will have to re-install the entire sim just to get the windsocks, don’t really want to as the sim has been very stable and not crashed much for me since release.

Have checked with dev mode enabled and disabled no difference. I can’t find anything in game files that mentions the windsocks either.

Ignore this have found out why now, was an issue related to a airport in testing not sure what caused it exactly though.

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Closed by request of OP.