i still have this funny Windsocks, one show this direction, the other shows the opposite direction :


Has anyone the same maybe?
This is in LEIB, scenery sim-wings Ibiza installed.


Yes. Many third party airports have it.


Even the default scenery at the Tokyo heliport has it, as I found on my first helicopter flight last week.

Actual wind is from left-to-right - in the hover, note the CFD lines are extending well to the right (especially from the tail rotor).

Windsock shows the wind is from right-to-left. Made for an interesting take off!

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yes, i thought it was because of the Addon scenery, but it seams not.
Thats funny, but whats wring with the Wind in MSFS??

Should not have been moved to 3rd party addons as it’s a huge issue in the sim by default, something is wrong with windsock simulation even on all default airports so this entire topic should be turned into a bug report if you ask me

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that happens very often here in the forum, also other of my posts are moved to other places.
Thats very annoying somethimes

Have you used the search function to see if others have posted similar issues?

Please look here and participate in one of these bug reports. Closing this as a duplicate.