WindsockSample - How do you export the animation .bin file?

I am currently trying to animate a custom windsock , but I am stuck with exporting the animation.

In the Windsock Sample file there is an animation folder with a .bin file and an .xml file



How do you export that .bin file from 3dsMax? I can´t find any setting in the babylon exporter.

And in the model .xml file (Windsock.xml) it says
!-- AnimationFileList →
!-- <AnimationFile Windsock_Animations.gltf
<!-- </AnimationFileList –

But I dont find the Windsock_Animations.gltf file at all. Is that some old entry?

Well I got it to work . In the animation folder I just exported the same model as an .gltf file, which creates a .bin file as well. I just deleted the .gltf file.
Not sure if this is the right way, but it works :slight_smile:
Now got an animated anemometer

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