WindsockSample - How do you export the animation .bin file?

I am currently trying to animate a custom windsock , but I am stuck with exporting the animation.

In the Windsock Sample file there is an animation folder with a .bin file and an .xml file



How do you export that .bin file from 3dsMax? I can´t find any setting in the babylon exporter.

And in the model .xml file (Windsock.xml) it says
!-- AnimationFileList →
!-- <AnimationFile Windsock_Animations.gltf
<!-- </AnimationFileList –

But I dont find the Windsock_Animations.gltf file at all. Is that some old entry?

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Well I got it to work . In the animation folder I just exported the same model as an .gltf file, which creates a .bin file as well. I just deleted the .gltf file.
Not sure if this is the right way, but it works :slight_smile:
Now got an animated anemometer


Hi @tomlaut1980 , I wonder if you can give me a bit of detail/steps of how you placed your files in your project folder. I’m trying to have a rotating antenna rotate in MSFS. I got it to rotate like it should and used the Babylon animation group procedures.
Which XML file do you place the name of the animations in?
After I export with Babylon I send it to my modellib antenna folder. But it has to be in the SimObjects folders… I’m attempting to figure this out.

Thank you in advance.

Hi. I actually copied the Windsock sample folder from the SDK , renaming the folder like my object.

In the “PackageSources” Folder of the project there has to be the “SimObject” folder.
Then the “Landmarks” folder.

In my Yongphulla airport project the folder structure looks like this:

Then in the Landmarks folder I created a folder with the Simobject name:

In that folder there is the “TEXTURE” , “model” and “animation” folder.

In the “TEXTURE” folder you copy the textures

In the “model” folder you export the 3D model.

When you export the model don´t bake the animation with 3ds max. I tried to do that , but the animation never worked. The Babylon exporter has got the animation baking option, so use that instead.
Its under “use preexport process”
Screen Shot 07-12-21 at 11.32 PM 001

Then in the .xml I used the windsock example. And changed the GUIDs in the .xml file
For the praying mill I created I used a GUID for the model and a different GUID for the animation.
It looks like this.: Or if you have a windsock type animation that changes depending on windspeed and direction just use the windsock example.

Then now I am not quite sure if the “animation” folder is necessary? Because the model folder already has got some animation in the .xml.
But since I just copy from the samples I also used that " animation" folder.

There I exported the .gltf and then .bin file with the babylon exporter again with a _animation name at the end. Then I deleted the .gltf file, because the windsock also has none there.
In the .xml is just another GUID without any animation info:
Screen Shot 07-12-21 at 11.42 PM

Then within the Developer mode you also need to set the right output directory. Otherwise the package won´t be built.
The Output Directory should be “SimObjects\Landmarks\nameof yourfolder”

in my case like this:
Screen Shot 07-12-21 at 11.47 PM

Then all should work.

Or not. In my case the packe didnt built in game. Not sure if I messed something up .
But the airport I created I always built the package outside of the simulator with the “fspackagetool.exe” program.
I followed this tutorial for that.:
MSFS SDK Tutorial - How to build your packages outside of the sim. - YouTube

But thats only necessary if your objects suddenly dissapear or your face some odd bug. :slight_smile:

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This is all great explanation. I believe I baked the animations.
As for the animation folder, I believe is not needed due to the fact I have some custom jetways (done by someone else) that are in the SimObject\Landmarks- folder directory with not [animation] folder.

Very interesting and I will try your method this week.

I thank you so much for helping me with this great, detail, instructions you’ve posted.

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Cool hope it works :slight_smile: The only thing I forgot to mention is naming the animation in 3ds max with the Babylon plugin, unless you already did that.

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I did name the animation to [rotate].
Right now I’m just eager to retry getting that antenna to rotate.

What I’ll do is follow up and post.
I’m building an airport and I had to place that task on hold due to the fact it gave me a challenge.

If you get stuck just let me know. My rotating praying mill at least works as I wanted and its just a simple looping rotate animation.

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I will get back to you on whether or not there’s any results. I will be attempting this in around 4 hours from now.

I’m interested on being efficient on these tasks.

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this little hut has pbr? it looks very good.

Yes it has PBR textures.

It looks very good.

I have some issues with my project folder it’s not compiling anything. It looks like it’s missing some textures and items don’t spawn. Once I fix this I’ll will try your instructions.

Also make sure to add a SImObject to your Project in the Project Editor with the SDK.
And when the package gets built check all the errors, sometimes it says why it failed. Like missing folder or wrong output directory.

I did create it and i’m now going to return back into the game to check it out.

I’m sorry, did you meant to BAKE ALL ANIMATIONS or to select NOT TO BAKE ANIMATIONS?

Hi yes bake all the animations with the babylon exporter .

so the model showed up on the list but it couldn’t see it.

I’ll try to find why I can’t see it later. As of now I have a lot of models and texturing to do. I’ll let you know when I’m successful.

Thank you anyways @tomlaut1980

Hmm. Also make sure the scaling is correct. I once exported a house and it was imported as big as a country. As I was inside this gigantic house I didnt see it, thinking something failed. :slight_smile:
So make sure to get the scaling right as well. But it can be other problems as well of course.

Also sometimes you need to restart the sim, maybe this fixes it as well ?

Well, a house as big as a country, that sounds large. I got my rotating antenna to work without being a SimObject. Since I’m between two softwares, 3dsmax and Blender, working my way out of Sketchup, Blender won this round. I used Flying Theston tutorial [020] Creating Animated Scenery video on Youtube.

Thank you Tom. I would like to check out your huts when you’re done with them. Or at least see more pics.

Yes I work with Maya and export to 3ds Max , so the scaling sometimes gets messed up.

My Airport is finished its on :

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