WindsockSample - How do you export the animation .bin file?

Just saw your scenery. It looks very beautiful. Attention to details.
Did you get those long thin flags to move? I’m sure you can.
This is payware quality you got here. Great job.

No the flags are not moving at the moment. I am currently trying to import a plane I modeled. :smiley:

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A plane, very nice! you’re beating me to the race. You’re using 3ds max to import the plane into MSFS? And you’re basing all your directions using the normal SDK documentation? I can only find Blender tutorials.

No I also have Blender installed :smiley: Just in case. I also follow just the blender tutorials, for planes I follow this tutorial MSFS: Development Series - YouTube from aerosoar , which is for blender.

But I also open the DA62 sample plane in 3ds max and compare how ASobo did it. Unfortunaltey I am not a coder or programmer , so its quite difficult for me. The exterior model at least flies already.

That’s a good idea, to open it in 3ds max.