Wing Commander .1% of people have achieved this

Steam counts the time from the time you click the icon to the time the EXE shuts down. So hours of downloads of updates in sim over the time you’ve owned the title are also accumulated.

Assuming you haven’t been affected by various logbook bugs that plagued many folks over the life of the sim, then your logbook hours should be considered the accurate source.

Either one of 2 things here:

  1. you were affected by one of the aforementioned bugs and lost hours - I’ve lost about 200 hours of time due to said bugs. I should have almost 1300 hours in the sim so far, but my log states I’m at 1100.

  2. bugged achievements. This is quite possible, since it’s been well known (by most of the active community) that achievements have been broken since launch. Most of my achievements outside of logged time I got for random activities that had nothing to do with the achievement I was granted. And there are tons of reports of that.

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" Other sims, not all but other "
Nose over is due to it being accurately simulated.

Careful on the brakes with a tail dragger !

( adding power on take off too ) :grinning:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So, I do spend a lot of time on Landing Challenges, and Bush Tours… many hours in Dev Mode trying to get every possible FPS from my potato (I kinda enjoy this) and that generally keeps my clocked hours lower than my in air hours.

But I know every time I plot a course, start cold, and make it to my destination, those hours seem to get logged. The serious flying. But even this type of flying may not be perfectly tracked, it just seems to be the most reliably tracked.

It takes an impressive amount of dedication to earn this Achievement.

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