Wing View Creation

Hi Guys, I have managed to get a camera outside of 320, i want to move the camera along the aircraft towards the rear and create a wing view from just behind the wing, however the camera only travels so far towards the wing and stops, I need it to go beyond the wing. I did the same with XP11 but its camera travels the full length of the aircraft with no limits, Is there a way of getting further travel via the settings and binding keys for travel forward and backwards, if so whats the description called in the settings?.

I don’t know if you are familiar with editing the A320 cameras.cfg file, but that gives infinite possibilitys.

Hi , yes i have that in order to get the camera outside the cockpit, what i need is to actually physically move the camera to get it where it needs to be to have the right viewpoint

Sorted it, you use the Alt plus Up Arrow Key to move the view forward, and the Alt plus Down Arrow Key to move the view back, just a tip, once you have your wing view, and when your happy, save the view with Ctrl plus the number (my settings), then staying with that view you can now use that camera to produce another view simply by moving the view point.

Yes, I know of that method. I usually edit the .cfg-files. Compare this

If you figured it out, post your solution (you did that), then mark it as solved so others will know to read the posts for a solution.

Ok guys, in order to get the wing view the camera has to be outside the cockpit, that the 1st hurdle, editing the camera.cfg XYZ of the camera you have chosen, back up your file 1st!!, its the 1st co-ordinate X value you will need to alter, if its say 0.99971 the just delete the 1st digit the 0 and replace it with -5, then save the file, restart the sim and that camera, should in theory be outside the aircraft. my issue was actually move the camera view, so in order the do that you use Alt plus UP/Down keys which then actually moves the camera, not zoom.
I also suggest that rather than altering the camera.cfg file again for another view just use the same camera as its already outside the aircraft and just save the new view , on mine its Ctrl plus the number on the number keypad. Once your happy then go back and edit the Camera.cfg file back to what it was, assuming you made a note of the original X value
Now, I have wing views of my A320, however yesterday i tried the same method with the 787-10 Camera.cfg and it will not put the camera outside the cockpit…very strange, if anyone knows as to why this may be then please let me know.

You probably edited the wrong [cameradefenition.x]. You can determine the correct number by checking the respectieve views

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