Wing42, PMDG - More Realistic Pricing Will It Become The New Norm

Rip off the public???

This is not some socialist utopia where you get to pay what you want for something, we have a market driven economy where supply and demand conspire to set the price exactly where it should be.

You do not have to buy it if you do not like the price. It’s really that simple.

Not everybody is interested in a plane that is so detailed that you practically have to learn to fly a real one to fly the simulated one. For those of us who are, like me, $70 is great, and quite a bit less than what I was expecting or prepared to pay. My primary interest is the one the airlines have as their primary interest, which is the -800 version. Whether or not I’ll wait for that or get the -700 first out of impatience only the crystal ball knows at this point.

To resume :sweat_smile:
PMDG price is fantastic for hardcore gamer, bad for all other :wink:

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Dude that’s a bit harsh. It’s just a matter of terminology at this point? Not really agreeing with you here.

This is still “downloadable content”. And it’s for a video game. Yes it’s a simulator of high fidelity in the case of the PMDG product but it’s still a “game” :slight_smile:

I think the price is fine though. It’s a lot of work they’ve put into it over many years and man hours to recoup. (It’s not a plane for me though).

EDIT: and by the way, the person you are replying to has provided the community with some awesome FREE content, so I think he knows the score!! :wink:

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Yes, that’s most likely the case. I’m glad they don’t take the route Apple takes, which is to price their product at the premium end because to them premium price equates to premium product, even though other vendors outclass them on several technological fronts, and have for some time.

If you charged £100 for a product, sure you’ll sell some copies, but if you charge £20-30, you will sell bucketloads. The price point doesn’t have to reflect the quality of the product.


Indeed, the chance for me now is to get the 700 and 800 with all their sub-models that I really like and leave out the 600 and 900 which I’m not interested in. Before I had to buy the base (800, 900) the expansion 1 (600, 700) and then the expansion 2 and 3 (cargo and BBJ) to get the full set of 700 and 800 models. I come along much less expensive now.

Of course any price is always too high, we appreciate every lower price tag but considering what a PMDG aircraft offers in terms of system depth and opportunities and what really good customer support stands behind the addon 70 dollars is not much. While not certified to do so this addon offers the possibility to study the real 737 from an operational and procedural point of view at a simple home PC.

I remember for FSX, I bought all four versions of the 737 (the 800 & 900 were the base package, the 600 & 700 were an add on package. The BBJ and cargo versions were also add-ons). If I were to do the same thing with MSFS (four separate packages at $70, $50, $75, $75), it is in fact more than twice as much as the FSX versions. You just spread the acquisition out across more paychecks. For me, I will likely not get the 900 this time.

Isnt this just the promotional price, and after its launched it will be at its regular full price of 75usd, and Im guessing in parts of europe you can also add 20-25% tax.

So around 90usd for 1 of their 737- models (and you can multiply that by 5 if you want all the 737 variations).

I am actually surprised at how expensive a lot of these aircraft are. High prices are probably normal for old simmers that are used to forking out hundreds of usd left and right, with thousands spent on gear++

But I think for the average “gamer” and younger people, some of these costs are simply just too much.

I am also not sure if I would use PMDG as an example for low cost or pricing. Their whole marketing and approach for taking advantage of a starving desperate market is anything but positive for me.

No matter how expensive things are, there will always be people forking out and justifying the cost.


VAT is between you and your government. That said, the pricing announcement also indicates that the -600 is still to be announced, though expected to be in the range of $50.

Pretty smart marketing, cus they know people are anxious to buy the 737 what ever the variant. Then buy again in 6 to 18 weeks for the variant they really want, there’s your $140.00. I’ll buy the 700 when available, then the 800, or 900 later. Maybe some rivet counters here might know the answer, but why would I take the 700, with a 900 sitting in the hangar? nastalgia ?

Well I am priced out. I actually wanted to buy the Maddog as well as the PMDG 737. But I will have to pass on both. Just too expensive. Everything and I mean everything in my life is going up in price except my pay check. I guess my FS hobby will have to take this first hit. I know these developers are in this to make money. But they priced it way too high. I have used flight sims going way back to Sublogic. I bought them all. I am passionate about this hobby. But I’m done with addons unless they are priced lower. Thank you FBW! I will be using your A320 for a long long time now.


Interesting point: as a guy who just likes keeping records, I found my email receipt for my 2011 purchase of the 737NGX base pack for FSX. Guess what I paid? $69.99 USD.

Perhaps Americans view it that way. In Europe it’s illegal to list the price of a consumer oriented product without VAT. For Europeans the price including VAT is the relevant price to compare it to anything else you can buy for your hard earned money.


Yes, but the PMDG 737NGX base pack for FSX included the -800 and -900 variants. And for an additional $25 one could buy the 600/700 expansion pack. So $95 for all variants.

Now we have to pay at least $250 to get the whole PMDG 737 line up for MSFS.


It’s much more complicated in America than you seem to realize. Every individual state and US territory has its own sales tax structure, and in many states, individual counties and cities/towns do as well. In my particular state, county and city, my effective sales tax rate on nearly every consumer product is 9.975%. If I drive five miles away into an adjoining county/town, the sales tax rate may well be the same or fractionally different. And those rates, and which goods and services they apply to, are subject to change basically any given time a legislative body is in session.

It is NIGHTMARISH for internet sellers to keep up with this mess. Amazon does it in the US for the last couple years because states have forced them to do so, and most other larger retailers do as well.

For smaller internet retailers and software distributors, they may or may not, depending on the level of effort required of them compared to their other priorities, the volume of sales and resultant income generated, and the likelihood (or not) of being audited by any given state, county or city revenue agency.

That said, PMDG sets a singular price. Taxes can and DO vary by locality. That’s reality. Sorry you don’t like or understand it.

I won’t play their games. The more I think about it I’m certain there’s no chance in hell I’m paying full price for more than one variant of the same aircraft. Don’t forget that they’re asking you to pay full whack for what is essentially the same product over and over again. I don’t see how that’s justifiable personally.

I’ll wait until August comes for the 800 which is all I’m interested in.


Yeah, my first time in the US I was very confused when the price at the cashier was different from the price on the item. The VAT rate also differs among European nations - (most are at 20 or 25 pct though), so at most webshops you have to choose your country/language.

Germany it also depends on the product. VAT differs from 7% to 19 %.

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another point for the higher end aircraft is that with a sim that can be it seems easily made unstable for many with an “update” do you really want to spend and add a complicated 3rd party programme to it? i am one of the users struggling with SU9, but on the xbox. at this time even if i could, i would not purchase 247 as the CTD have sent me back to forza. until Asobo/mircosoft can get the sim stable for all and release unbroken ,all of us lose out. flyers and devs. rumours of a “hotfix” then SU10 sorting out the wasm problems for us console flyers, recent track record doesn`t give me much hope.


Actually no. The 800 and 900 were the base models only, now the 700 includes the base 700, the cargo and the BBJ variant as well as a lot more features. The value is definitely higher now than for FSX. But that doesn‘t change the situation that it costs a lot of money to get all models which is to be expected. I won‘t purchase any of them, my 99$ credit will be used for either the 700 or the 800 and the rest probably for the 747. Beside that I‘m nit thaat excited about the Boeings anymore, all above if I look at how the DC6 has been treated regarding updates.

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With the much larger audience of MSFS compared to Prepar3D a publisher is able to use lower prices to get more sales. With P3D you simply made the product, had a very good idea of how many customers would buy it (as there were just a few tens of thousand potential customers and 90% were repeat customers) and priced it accordingly. You priced it so you would know you would make a modest profit. In MSFS you have many times the number of potential customers and can use pricing as a marketing tool. Totally different strategy.

If you believe the Marketplace, Xbox and Xbox Cloud are important for your product you have to price accordingly as customers there are far less willing to pay over $50 for a DLC than the customers of our shop or for example the PMDG shop. But then you are more or less aiming for P3D sale numbers and not MSFS sale amounts that could be ten or twenty times higher. Every company will make their own choices. Some believe they can do without the marketplace, some only sell on the marketplace.

PMDG make their own choices and I know Robert is a smart guy. He realizes the decisions he made will raise some eyebrows, but believes it is fair deal for PMDG and for the customers. I think sales numbers will proof him right. He and I discussed pricing many times over the last year.

Mathijs Kok