Winter is coming

Not realy a bug but since winter is coming… For the next 6 month or so the pretty satelite imagery of europe will be ruined again by this absurd snow effect. At the moment we still have snow free mountain peaks while the valleys are allready snow covered. It should be the other way round. Same goes for the roads, they get cleared while the rest of the land does not. Whoever implemented snow into the sim has never been outside.

I know better seasons will come some day. All i want is to be able to turn off the ugly snow effect but still have live weather. Or this possible and im missing something?


No, unfortunately there is no way to disable snow other than using presets. If you are using live weather you are stuck with this absurd implementation of dynamic snow coverage that is being ignored and not even acknowledged by Asobo.

Moved to #self-service:weather as this is not filed as a bug report.