Winter runway/taxiway textures

i have tried to fly from lsmm, cybd and cyse yesterday. unfortunately heavy snow covered taxiway/runways made it impossible to see the lines. Its a best guess to taxi

Workers waiting to tow GA airplanes forever should better drive snow-plow !

Cheat by pulling up the VFR Map and zoom in tight.

This is actually pretty accurate if the cleaning crews can keep up and the snow becomes compacted ice. The only way to stay on the taxiway is by best guessing and staying between the edge lighting. Usually it isn’t that bad, but when it is take your time and take it slow. The same old verbiage applies. “Ice and speed is a deadly combination.”

Yesterday i fly munich Chicago because was winterstorm in Chicago, when i was in app, clouds was few, visibility 20miles beautiful for flying instead almost 0 visibility, very disappointing. So after i restart sim weather was corrected

Try out Navigraph with the app running on a tablet. You can pull up real world taxi charts and it shows your position in real time. It’s awesome.

thats all a workaround. IRL taxiways and runways get cleaned in major aerodromes. Besides this, please note that I fly IRL and i have Garmin Pilot and Foreflight available, but flying in VR makes it hard to read the screen :wink:

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