Winwing's full-size Airbus FCU

What is your GPU?

Nvid 4080 - I feel like your GPU wouldn’t be the problem here but I’m far from an expert :man_shrugging:

Hi guys,

MobiFlight Beta with full Winwing FCU support (including display) is released.

First profiles e.g. for FlyByWire Dev, Headwind A330, iniBuilds A320, are available on Soon there will be more profiles, also for x-plane. So monitor and

MobiFlight is free and open source.


Very nice hint, thank you !

FBW a320 Dev with DX12 is working well. No flickering with FG on. Some little thing,
the screen dimming does not work, but it´s not really necessary. It´s allways too dark.
Just to be complete…

If you want the LCD dimming, you can scroll down in the output config and put the checkmark on “LCD Backlight”.

Yepp, thanks for the info. Will try it next time.

The release a software update yesterday, Since I had it I never had any problems other then it doesn’t work with all types of aircraft. like the A300,

Yet loading in E195 I don’t know it was the aircraft or just the software however I had this error!
Screenshot 2024-05-13 165048

You can dim it using the knobs inside the plane, that are under the actual upper panel that fcu is in. On Fenix and Fly by wire. You need to use the stable version for the digital display to work, as the developer version works, but no info in the digit screens, they stay dark…

This thing is really nice!

If you want to use it for other planes, just make a new profile, and program the buttons, display won’t work, but all you knobs and buttons can be programmed ro do whatever you want them to do.

Also it works with SPADneXt however they have not got the full access too it and the lights and display won’t show, this product needs so much more updates and needs to consider support any types of aircraft even it’s not airbus hahaha

Its really good even without the lights and display. I fly VR anyway, so its a great solution for basic autopilot VS, heading bug, altitude, etc… even when not in an A320.

DOESN"T work with the default A320!?

just got my FCU and it works with the SIMAPP PRO app.
(rebooted pc afterwards) No instructions at all included, I found SIMAPP from a utube video. Followed that but the unit does not fully work.

----- A320
But when used to control the asobo A320 the numeric display goes blank (black) I tried the dim rotor and it doesn’t brighten.

the buttons all work and display as expected.

IF in SIMAPP PRO I click HALF LCD ON 1 … the display lights but the readout is garbage not digits.

doesn’t fully work with the FBW or the Fenix on my (newer) pc lastest updates.

I have the same problem with the digit display, did you resolve it?

This doesn’t fully work with any of my 3 A320’s.

Nope I have the same issue and on AMD. It does work better on mobiflight but still get random flickering and characters when turning the knobs that I don’t have with dx11.

Update: Mobiflight works perfectly fine with DirectX 12 I didn’t realize the default winwing program had reopened and that was causing my flashes. However I’m still noticing my knobs aren’t turning for some reason with Mobiflight so I’m working on that

That’s great news! No support for other aircraft was a deal breaker for me, but hearing MobiFlight supports other aircraft including the displays I’ll be looking to get one.

I opened a ticket on Winwing support, and someone from them took control on my PC to try to solve problem.
They didn’t find solution yet but are working on it and will maybe solve it with new simapp version expected end of may.

Download the Fly By Wire A320 its free, and much better than basic one that comes with Sim. Make sure you use stable version, not the developer version, or the digital display won’t work.

Launch the winwing software application first, then launch flight sim it stays dark until you are inside the Fly By Wire aircraft, or Fenix version so far…

Then works great, its awesome for A320 because all the pull and push functions work in the knobs as well as intended in the aircraft…

Nope only works fully with fly by wire stable version and fenix as of now… Can use it just for knobs and program them to any plane, just as you would a joystick etc…

Funny how many people have different problems, The main A320 aircraft that are working are from Flybywire, default crap A320, Inibuilds A320 and also LTFR airbus (Without the mod) works for me :slight_smile:

A300 doesn’t work, Horizon mod with the airbus packs, A310 I have not tested yet and also the A340 doesn’t work with it…

All I can say for those that not working, have your firmware and software fully updated

This is why I bought the mini-FCU - out of the gate support for Spad, Mobiflight and AAO, works with literally any plane, zero issues with DX12 or 11, dials match Airbus increments.

Mine has been sitting in the box since it came. Given it’s lack of stable compatibility though spad I’m gonna stick with mini fcu for the time being. If no further updates I’ll punt it. Not interested in mobiflight and anyway MF ■■■■■ up my lupedeck.