[WIP] Bald Eagle Airfield- Myakka Head (67FL)

This project is special to me as I had started on Myakka Head years back for FSX, but ended up dropping the project. So when I discovered that Cleetus McFarland (Garrett) purchased the airstrip and started publishing videos on it, it sparked an interest in me again to circle back and actually complete the project this time.

Not just because Garrett purchased it, but because now I know I can actually do it some justice.

I have been made aware that ORBX recently published a version of this airfield, but I’m not letting it slow me down. I am still pushing forward with the project. I’m not sure how detailed it will be as compared to my recent Alaska releases, but I am definitely spending my time on it, and I hope that future videos will allow me to improve the project even further.

So far I have mostly been focused on the Hangars. The 3-bay hangar is nearly done, though I’m still planning to go back and make some improvements to modeling and textures, as well as add more clutter. I have also started on the larger hangar and have a lot of the base interior modeling done for it. I have yet to start on the framing for the two derelict hangars, but I will be doing those after the large hangar is done.

I am working with tiling and detail textures on these hangars as opposed to painting them in Substance Painter, as I normally would. I have less control over grunge texture placement, Ambient Occlusion and such, but since I am sharing the same 1K textures between the hangars, the project is using a fraction of the usual texture memory while maintaining a really high texel density (all textures are super high quality, and even should be on Xbox, which normally turns to water colors).

The last few days I have even started working on pulling some static aircraft into the project. I’m not going to be able to find every aircraft that is found in Garrett’s videos, but I’ve got a few, and the rest will be substituted with appropriate GA Aircraft.

As far as the airport goes, I haven’t done much yet outside of the hangars and static aircraft. I have cleaned up trees, added water to the lake nearby, started placing some custom vegetation, and have a placeholder fence placed. However, I am mainly focused on the buildings at this moment.

I have been asked a few times on just what I plan on including in the scenery. Some have asked about including the Freedom Factory as well. To that I say, I’m not really sure just yet, but I am keeping my options open and I’ll see what happens as the airport starts to shape up more.

I do plan to incorporate near future upgrades that are made to the airport.

I would also love to get this project in front of Garrett, but I have not had the opportunity to do so yet.

Stay tuned for more updates as development progresses!

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Hell yeah brother!

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Since my last post I have been working on getting some more static models squared away and placed around the large hangar. I went with a mostly common fleet of GA aircraft, most of which do not match the videos. However, this is an aircraft shop, and there is a constant trickle of aircraft coming in and out. Even in Cleetus’ latest video, most of the aircraft that were there in the first video are now gone.

Over the weekend I took a bit of a break, but decided to tackle a smaller model, and so did the quite unique runway markers (basic Styrofoam crab trap buoys on a PVC pipe). These were a fun distraction and allowed me to get back into Substance Painter.

Continuing on today, I worked on finishing up the major model changes and additions on the large hangar. All doors are now present and cut in where needed. Two of the larger structures have been added to the interior of the hangar, the metal cover has been added around back, and several adjustments have been made to the i-beams along the back wall.

I’m pretty happy with the overall model now. Going forward, mostly all I need to do is work on clutter and likely make some adjustments to detail textures.

I have also been holding onto this model, but will likely be getting it into the sim soon. Mykrode over at Got Friends worked on it for me while I was busy with the hangars. :slightly_smiling_face: I do plan to make it a functional clock.

There is still a lot more to do - but that’s all for now. Thanks for following along with this project!


This is going to be a bit shorter of an update this week. There has been some good visual progress, but overall there just isn’t a lot to say about what I have got done. The last week has been a bit off and on for me as I have had to take some days off.

However, I still managed to complete the derelict hangar frames, as well as the roofing panes scattered around them. I also went ahead and took the time to fully optimize them since they are pretty simple and likely wont have any major modifications past this point.

Like the other hangars, these are both sharing the same 1K tiling textures as well.

I was also getting tired of staring at the default placeholder fence, so basing it on the references I have, I made a custom barbwire fence.

All of the fence placement is being done with the Vector Placement Tool, so I still need to go back and make some adjustments to that once I get the entrance gate and fencing done.

Beyond this, there hasn’t been any more visual progress, however speaking of the entrance gate, I have been working on that, as well as getting the Myakka Head sign drawn out in Inkscape. I hope to get this all finished up and painted soon. However, I will probably take a bit of a break over the weekend here.

Also, if you missed it - last weekend I posted a video over on my YouTube talking through the project a bit and showing off the progress I had made up to that point.

You can find that video here: