WIP - Project LSZH - Update and Search for Help on the project

Gruezi :slight_smile:

LSZH don’t look at the moment not like as real. But LSZH is my homebase. I have learned in the past days a lot about blender and the SDK and i hope to generate a great Freeware LSZH Airport.

Have someone already started with LSZH? (Haven’t anything read Aerosoft or FSDt have plans for LSZH, LFSB is mentioned.)

When yes, do you need help?
When no one has started yet, than i start now this project an need helpers specialy in models and texture.

Hopefully we have soon a good LSZH Airport Scenery!


Iam not in to modelling but into drones - If you have connections to unique we can make a photogrammetry model of the airport. :slight_smile:

Super Idee ufjedefall! Aber realistisch geseh chani ned viel dezue biträge.

Freu mi uf dini arbeit! :slight_smile:

The first Building are in place. The strange thing is on the approach they only come visible in short final and not before the other generic will loaded. Any tip/hint who can i select this in the SDK that it should load earlier?


Impressum of the WIP for LSZH (Dock A, B and E and the Airside Models are in place):

  • Night lightning works

What’s next:

  • Fracht Ost Buildings
  • Hight Texture for the existing object.

What don’t work is that the object are loaded from the distance. Landing in LSZH the object will load on Touchdown. Anybody has a solution? See also this tread.

Next Update next week :slight_smile:

by the way, still help searching. Please send me an message.

yes, we do have plans for it, it will be announced more officially shortly,


Hi @Umberto67
Good to hear that FSDT plans LSZH. So i stop my development and wait for your Scenery. If you need a beta Tester, let me know:) I know LSZH very goood in origin. I work at the airport:)