[wip] raaf base east sale ymes

Hi guys

Just thought id introduce myself. Avid flight simmer for a number of years but relatively new to content creation.

I work out as East Sale in the PTS system providing PC-21 maintenance and operations for the number of schools and squadrons based out of YMES. Namely 1FTS, CFS and the Roulettes (RAAF Aero team).

The current state of YMES is pretty pathetic in its base form. Buildings in wrong locations, lack of any real proper buildings or hangars or even the flightline.

The aim of this project is to attempt to bring the base up to scratchwith correct taxiways, hangars and models to the best of my limited abilities.

Currently have been making some sketchup files to get an idea before i head into blender and start making some models.

I have been working on removing aprons and dodgy textures and re doing what i can.

For those who want to follow please feel free to input any feedback you have because as an absolute newb to this side of things, all feedback will be taken on board.

Ill share with you shortly some screens of some of the very basic stuff i have been working on!


Shaneo Insaneo.

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