[WIP] U60 - Big Creek

Hey there,

since the release of 3U2 Johnson Creek we are working on another iconic airfield located at the breathtaking backcountry of Idaho, U60 Big Creek. Backcountry pilots love this special place in the middle of the mountains the due to the sloped runway and the breakfast at the big creek lodge. We try to capture this very special atmosphere of the airfield with our scenery as authentic as possible.

With u60 Big Creek we introduce animated people around the airfield, as well as several animated objects like the little toy plane or smoking chimneys to bring our scenery even more to life. Beside the animated objects we try to deliver very detailed assets around the airfield without a major impact to the performance. to archive this goal we are using PBR textures, normalmaps and LOD models up to 6 LOD steps for every asset placed at the scenery.

As a first preview we want to show you some WIP screenshots from the apron and the Big Creek Lodge with some more buldings and assets aorund it. We hope you like it :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more to come soon!


Love 3U2 Johnson Creek so I’m sure this will be great as well!

Looks great! I fly out of here a lot when I want to do the backcountry. I’ll have to check out you r other strip as I’m not familiar with it. Have you considered doing the nearby Simonds strip? That’s a really tight squeeze!

Great work guys! My freeware has been around for some time. But, Glad to see some payware love going to U60.
MSX Creations KMYL is just about to be released, all of your creations will compliment it greatly.

Milosanx -MSX Creations.

Simonds Air Strip is part of the Idaho bush strips package from flightsim.to and due to the fact this airstrip provides more or less just trees and bushes, in my optinion there is no reason for a version done by us. But feel free to visit our freeware version of I97D Mile Hi Airstrip » Microsoft Flight Simulator near U60 :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware Simonds was covered by an existing package, I’ll hav to check it out along with the one you linked. Thanks!

Some images of this weeks progress:


Another little update, almost all assets are built and placed now in the scenery.


Really looking forward to this release :grinning: When can we expect it?

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We submitted U60 Big Creek last week for the ingame marketplace verification process, so stay tuned for a release within the next weeks :slight_smile:

We also want to show you some final screenshots from Big Creek wich we will also use at the marketplace product page :slight_smile: