Wired keyboard controls!

I trying to fly Cessna 172 with the keyboard controls !

When I press the Num4 the ‘wheel’ turns to the RIGHT and pressing the Num6 turns it to the LEFT !

The machine rolls to the LEFT with Num4 and RIGHT with Num6 but the ‘Wheel’ in the cockpit is wired !

How to change that - and WHO did it ?

Options Keyboard…Reset to Default. Trust me when I say Keyboard is not a great way to fly in MSFS2020. Even a Xbox Controller would be better than a Keyboard. Flew a bit with keyboard till I obtained a yoke.

THX, I know the keyboard is not good :blush: but I’m new to this FS2020 and just wanted to take a small trip !

I the longer run I will make a DIY yoke and rudder/brake !

I’ll try to RESET it !

THX again !

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