Wireless Internet Speed

Long time Mac user just got a prebuild for playing MSFS. I pay Comcast for gig speed internet (which typically tests out on my TV, my Macbook Air and iPhone at +/- 500 megabits per second, which is fine). My new Skytech PC came with “integrated” wifi, which basically are these two little screws that some wifi antennae-looking thing screws into. I only get about 20 mega bits a second, and wondering what my options are? I didn’t buy this system for this Wifi card, of course (really got it for the Ryzen 7 3900 and GeForce 3070), but wondering can I get a PCI card or a USB card system or something that would actually access the speeds in my house? What say you?


I’m assuming you have an ethernet port on the back of your computer?
If so just wire it to the router.
If you are too far from the router and don’t want a long piece of ethernet cable running around the house just buy a couple of Powerline adapters. These will enable you to use your mains electricity wiring as a cable connection.
I have been using them for over 10 years, very reliable and fast.