Wish for older aircraft: Ground settable trim

What: A slider in aircraft menues in preflight screen and in the menu from the tool bar that lets you adjust trim surfaces, the configuration of which can be saved and is present in the next flight.

Why: Older planes might not be equipped with cockpit controls to adjust trim for a certain axis in flight but rather the trim surfaces are adjusted on the ground by pilot or mechanic. This would give us a way to circumvent “cheating” inflight trim control into the plane while still able to adjust the trim when on ground.

How it could be implemented:

  • A slider analogous to wear and tear and control surface authority is added for each trim axis in the preflight aircraft configuration.
  • A similar slider is available in the inflight aircraft load and fuel screen that is active when the plane is on the ground or/and the engine is shut down.

Benefits: It adds immersion to go out in a test flight with an unfamiliar plane, see how it flies, then touch down, adjust trim and to fly again to see what the adjustment has brought and to be able to have a set trim configuration that is persistent as was the case for planes in these older times.