Wish List for next Patch

Thanks for the issues addressed in the recent patch. Particularly the USB device registration issue causing instant CTD was great to see resolved.

Areas that I would like to see in a future patch are the following:

  1. Baron Altimeter knob to support adjusting altitude
  2. Support for metric QNH in Australia we use Hectapascals as opposed to inches of Mercury.
  3. Support for different VFR codes, we use 1200 generally in Australia not 7000.
  4. I’d like to see an improvement in Navdata. Now that we have the release version, I’m assuming that we should be automatically getting the latest navdata cycles from the data provider. I’m not convinced the data is comprehensive and complete (can someone clarify that for me).
  5. Would like to see a Pause of the Sim that would work regardless of use of autopilot etc.
  6. Add Replay mode
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Fix weather and g1000


Fix framerate problems in aircraft using screens instead of dials.
Make a HUD only forward view and a fly by view.
Implement DX12…


Next patch. Please make some progress in the autopilot/fmc on descent to landing (arrival vnav).
Descent rate is a simple function of speed over the ground, current altitude with respect to arrival field level and miles left to go. Or let us figure it out and enable us to enter a target altitude for each arrival waypoint.

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Data crazy. Please allow us to fetch almost any running data from within the sim and display it in the upper left corner like in another leading product. This can include the current autopilot/fmc status, total miles to go and so on.

They are already working for next patch with a list, for end of the month, and there is vote system to get higher priority, each month there is update, it’s on Bug area with vote system. They can’t fix all at once.

The user interface is kind of confusing compared to FSX.

In FSX you could change your airport, or even locate to a different runway at the same airport while flying. Everything you needed to navigate the world was at your fingertips.

In MSFS, there is no such thing. Or at least you’d have to scrap everything and start a new flight from scratch. I’ve tried the teleport feature and although it does put you at the airport it doesn’t allow you to select the specific runway you want to takeoff from.

I know this sim has a new engine, but was based on FSX SP2 as a base for that new engine. As they talked about removing or rewriting components of it from scratch. I’m not sure why navigating around in the sim is more challenging compared to FSX.