Wish list items that are rather critical

Hello Team. After 5 or 6 days workign with FS2020, there are some items that are critical and others that re not critical, but would be nice to have, so I’m listing my input here. Here we go:


  1. Nose wheel steering assignment to a joystick - like a joystick twist function. This is to allow for better ground control of heavy aircraft.

  2. Instant Replay capability.

  3. If Asobo/MS does not plan to invest time in making the heavies better in terms of functionality and cockpit realism, please open them up so that the community can work on thes emodels ASAP. Too many functions missing. And while you’re at it, please open up the 787 for livery makers to ge to work.

  4. Currently unable to call the gates - wassup with that???

  5. Please fix the live weather. Something is wrong with wind depiction.

  6. Weather radar please.

  7. Vehicles stuck in the middle of runways and taxiways need to be fixed.

  8. Icing effect is really cool, but it is exaggerated at the moment. Please tame it.

  9. Flight controls feel too sensitive for GA aircraft and the opposite for heavies.

  10. Too many terrain issues. Water sticking up and lots of molten looking buildings. KSAN is a good example of scenery that looks like it’s melting.

  11. Too many important airports missing. MPTO, EDDS, etc… Please add them. MPTO is one of Latin America’s most important hubs. Missing it is like missing KJFK from the game - Please.

  12. Please give us water we can actually water land on. And while you’re at it, if you can add splash effects and effects that actually look like the A5 is in the water would be a nice touch.

  13. Please make the VFR map useful. Allow us to click on an airport and get frequency info and ILS freq info and such.

Not so critical but important:

  1. Contrails and wing condensation driven by weather conditions.

  2. White caps on the water when windy conditions.

  3. We don’t need pushback on GA aircraft. Any way to get the co-pilot to not request pushback for small planes??

  4. Trees where they should not be or wrong trees in wrong regions.

  5. All seasons would be kool.

  6. Please fix waterfalls. Niagara and Iguazu falls are a disgrace at the moment.

These are the main issues I have observed so far. Fantastic platform. Thanks a million!


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Hi there,
When this Wishlist topic was created, there was no voting in this section. When voting was introduced, it became necessary for there to be one topic per request, and one request per topic. Many of your requests have other topics associated with them that have more votes than this, so I am closing this. You may wish to check out these topics:

There are many topics for this. Here is one, but you may wish to find and vote for others:

Not sure what “something is wrong with wind depiction” means, but here is a topic about wind socks being wrong:

and here is one about live weather being wrong:

There are other topics out there, too.

I don’t know if you mean in-aircraft or radar reports. There is in-aircraft weather radar, but it displays clouds and not precipitation:


This is already in the sim, but many say that you have to set the winds too high in order to see them. You may want to vote for this:

I’m not aware of a topic for this, but if you see that, I would log individual bug reports for the specific regions where there are issues. Otherwise, it’s really hard for developers to fix things without specific information.

Niagara Falls was addressed in World Update 2. Iguazu Falls: