Wished Item for this Forum

It would be really really handy, particularly in the bug reporting forums, if after someone’s username it displayed which platform they play the game on.

Without knowing this information it’s difficult to help people and leads to posts needlessly asking the question.


Some people fill it in their profile. Click on my name for example. It’s there.


Aside from the ability to put your system in your profile, the bug report template also has a section to specify the type of hardware you’re on.

I just think something as simple as USERNAME (PC) / (XBOX) is all that is needed.


its a good thought but …
im not sure how it could be implemented if by “it” you mean the forum

the forum can not possibly know so it still becomes a voluntary thing for each user
unless they required it for creating an account, and then that could still be problematic for people that own both



@JetWash1023 I think this is a great idea!

However, with my (limited) knowledge of how the forum software works, I don’t know of an easy way to implement the specific request to have this information appear after a forum username.

I have alerted the CMs to this thread, however, in case there is a nifty trick that they know about that I don’t.

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Tags are required in Bug Reports. A user must select their platform. Tags are searchable, clickable, as well as display in topic feeds.

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Good point.

It’s not just in the bug reports though. In many discussions where people are seeking advice, or just generally chatting about the game, I feel it would be helpful to know from what perspective we’re all coming from.

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To tamalien’s point, the forum software is a commercial off-the-shelf product and therefore not infinitely customizable. So there are only so many things we can do.

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Fair enough. It’s a shame it can’t be done but obvious as to why.

Thanks for the info.

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The whole one software two platform thing is a bit forced … that grandkids are twins boy/girl set, they barely look like cousins, nobody has ever thought to try and dress them up the same since diapers.

Sometimes you have to accept differences.

As did I, or at least you can infer I am on PC from the description.

Hang on a sec, it clearly states “Platform: PC” for me. How long has that been there? :rofl:


I just checked my profile, and I don’t appear to have any platform set:


I can see it, but ai’m guessing you’ve changed something?

Maybe another option would be to force people to fill that field on sign up. Options being along the lines of


I never have. I didn’t even know it was an option till today, and it looks like I don’t have anything set.

Let me change it to “PC (MS Store)”, as that is what I have, and see if that label changes.

Yes, there is no option for “PC” yet that was what I had.

This is what it looked like before I made the change, with no option set:


I then changed it to this:


PC wasn’t even a choice on that menu, yet that’s what I had set. I wonder if that got set by default as part of some Discourse upgrade, or the like. But in any case, I now have an approved platform set. :slight_smile:

That’s what I can see.

PC (MS Store)

Yes, but before it just said “PC”, which isn’t even a choice on that menu. As I suggested it was either probably set in the back-end by someone, or “PC” used to be an option, and no longer is but because I had it set it didn’t get undone just because they changed the table that contains those choices.

Those new tags were added around the time Xbox Cloud came out. However, for each existing user, they would need to update their profile with it. New users do not as it’s a required field. :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean I’ve lost “PC” for good!? :sob: :slight_smile:

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Yes, noticed it the other day when I could not save a change until I made a selection, good stuff.