Wishlist for most wanted new aircraft additions


I know this post was made a while ago. I have moved it to General Discussion because there is a Cirrus Vision Jet wishlist topic right now with 19 votes. Our forum software currently lacks the ability to merge votes, so we must go with the topic with the most votes. You can upvote it if you would like.

If you want to create another Wishlist topic for another aircraft, just add the tag “aircraft” as I have done for this one to make it easier to search.

@iracer95482, Wishlist is only for MSFS-native features. There is a Cherokee Wishlist post in there, though they’re hoping for any PA-28. You’re welcome to create one specifically for the 180 if you’d like (but it would not apply to A2A) or you could vote for the existing Cherokee post.

@Samiam37, there is currently no P-40 Wishlist topic, so you can also create one if you would like.