Wishlist FSFS with missing features


I have created a wishlist during my first flights:

  • Location change in menu during flight
    Should be possible not only in the DEV menu, but also during the flight in the top menu

  • Aircrat change in menu during flight
    Should be possible not only in the DEV menu, but also during the flight in the top menu

  • Slew Mode
    The current implementation lacks micro adjusment. It goes back and forth 200 m, is this a joke? I want to micro-position my aircraft at the gate or move it to another gate or want to micro adjust the position for searching places or taking photos.
    Also the left/right is swapped, also turn left/right is swapped. So Num4 should move left and Num6 should move right, Num1 turn left, Num3 turn right.

  • Loading situations crashes constantly
    When I load a flight in which I am in the air (enroute), FS crashes to desktop

  • Sound mute key
    There is no key for muting the sound. This is vital during online flights where you want to switch off sound after takeoff and turn on the autopilot and do something else and switch sound on before landing. Using the Windows Mixer is not enough as it is too tedious. There should be a keypress like in FSX (“q” key)

  • Brakes indicator
    Nothing appears on the screen when I step on the brakes. As a visual feedbeck, there should be “BRAKES” like in FSX. This will also be important for 3rd party aircraft to see if the autobrakes (A320/B737) activated after landing

  • Loading situations does not load all parameters correctly
    For example, the COM frequencies are not loaded at all. During online flights, when FS crashes, I want to reload and ensure that everything is as it was saved

These are the things I noticed and I think they are very important for all serious pilots.


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