Wishlist - satellite view on world map

Would love to have satellite view on the world map instead of just airports and nav beacons.

When planning route of my favourite parts of the world i can orientate myself better if i can see the roads and railways etc. A big empty space in the UK makes it difficult to judge scale and you end up having to flip to google maps to get the address and paste it in

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That would be great. Although I’d be content to just be able to see national and maybe state / provincial / regional / whatever borders as well. Once you’re zoomed in, it’s really hard to tell exactly where you are.

I completely agree!

No kidding. And more info on that map. Weather, airport information… I could think of others. I also wish while you are IN the sim would could see this. To be able to find airports, POIs, info etc. The VFR map is so limited, and you have to zoom in to even see an airport.

I would say the VFR map is pretty much pointless. It shows little to no detail, and it’s just a copy of what you see in the Garmin MFD (assuming you’re using a glass cockpit).


I simply second this wish.

It would be way better than seeing a drab gray background.

Does a wish thread not have a vote button, BTW ?

Or this is not the right place for a wish to make ? Perhaps.

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Mods should move this to the wishlist area so we can VOTE

is there a wishlist area - i did look before i posted but could not find