With a friend we can not see each other in games and add friends

my friends and steam and me on the microsoft store and we can not see each other in games and on the map world, we have to try everything to find ourselves we can not. Is someone could help us please.

thank you in advance and good flight has all.


Can you confirm that you have checked the following:

  1. Are you both on the same server?
  2. Are you both set to “online”?
  3. Are you both in “All Players” Mode?

If you are trying to add him as a friend in-game, are you getting any kind of error, or what message do you get when you try?

yes we have everything check its not working and when we try for the first time the invitation sends but it does not get it and when we try again it puts us an error message

But is it that he who is on Steam and me who went through the microsoft store and that its something changes?

Got the same Problem. When my brother is offline. I See him in my friendlist. When He goe s online. He s not on my friendlist anymore

Ok I found the Problem on my System. You need to deinstall the older xbox app. After this it works. When both running on the System you can t add other players.
Only use the “companien” version

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