Without popup grouping low FPS

After SU12 you can’t group popups, it’s a bad idea because with more than 1 popup the fps drops drastically. In my case with one popup I get about 45 fps, with two I only get 30 fps.

Do you have vSync enabled?

If so, it splits the frames with every pop out versus just a single hit with it off.

I always have vSync on and locked at 30fps. For testing, I checked with vSnc turned off.

With vSync on with no popups I get around 45 fps with popups around 30

With vSync enabled and locked at 30fps with popups in large airports, it can drop to 12fps.

Prior to SU12, when grouping popups with vSync on at 30 fps, they never dropped below 30 fps

My main screen consists of three 27” monitors. The resolution has always been at 7680x1440 and I pop out four screens to three 7” monitors and one 10” monitor.

Sim has been unusable with this setup after SU12 with FPS dropping to 1-3 FPS.

My workaround has been to change my main screen resolution to 4080x768. This makes the sim useable bu the image on the main screen is unacceptable.

This really needs to be fixed and I voted.

I should clarify that for all my pop out monitors, I’m using StarTech USB “GPUs”.

I don’t understand how popping these out can decrease FPS when they aren’t being driven by my primary GPU.

I leave only one pop-up window during taxiing, take-off and landing, Only after take-off do I run the rest of the pop-up windows. The FPS drop with three popups is too much. Generally a tragedy. When grouping popups, I did not notice a drop in FPS. Of course, the monitor on which I have pop-up windows is connected to the graphics from the processor.

I run 8 screens and on the CRJ pop out 8 while on the Fenix 7.

FPS hit always on first, never on subsequent pops out.

Historically however, this was an issue if you had vSync on. The more pops out the more it would split the frame rate.

I don’t use vSync so not sure if this still applies but if you do try with it off and see if the hit is as bad.

I tested with vSync on and had a FPS drop from 45 to 30, so a drop of about 30%!!!

Hi Everyone,

Dev Team looked at this closely, and their own testing using seven (7) externalized windows showed a drop from 43 fps to 30, so the majority of experience reported on this thread is nominal. Externalized Instruments are separate windows requiring their own rendering and do impact performance. There are no further changes possible to improve performance. Thanks!

Closed after dev review.