Wll Asobo remove Flight Log and Loading Circle with SU5?

Because it’s programmed to show up when you turn off the radio (which sometimes means it’s associated with turning off the battery). It’s not related to engine shut down.

Just another example why you should never let programmers make UI implementation decisions on their own. Their heart is in the right place, I don’t blame them, but… you know… sometimes a little more thinking of the consequences of a decision will take you a long way.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a UI an-al-yst, so it actually hurts when I see things like this… :wink:


we can vote on the logbook here…

I had already voted apparently (months ago I think)


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Not true at all.

Generally speaking, I would only touch my logbook after the aircraft was put to bed and I was done flying for the day. So if I flew up to Friday Harbor, spent the afternoon there and flew home, I’d have a single logbook entry for the entire flight. There is no requirement that every leg of a flight be logged as its own entry.

As far as flight plans go, I doubt I ever filed one outside of training if I was flying VFR. At least when you have advanced licenses and ratings, are flying bi-weekly and have access to your own aircraft, VFR flying can be considerably more casual. For example, my Dad’s plane had a range of something like 700nm and we kept the tanks full, so there was never any need to worry about fuel, wind, whatever. If you wanted to go flying, you just got in and went. For a local flight, the weather check just involved looking out the window. Sometimes you didn’t even know where you were headed until you got there. We flew out of Boeing Field underneath KSEA airspace, so by comparison, nothing that we were going to encounter once we got outside of that airspace was going to be difficult to deal with. I can even remember getting a call from my Dad one time because he and his First Officer couldn’t get a flight back to Seattle after a trip, ended up deadheading to Portland, and I could I jump in the airplane and come down and get them? That is exactly what I did. I ran down to the airport, fired up the airplane, departed southbound VFR, sorted out the VOR navigation once I got past Olympia, looked at the sectional to figure out when I needed to be talking to Portland Approach, got cleared, landed, found the FBO and picked up my Dad and his FO. No biggie, no planning required (despite having never flown into KPDX before). Pretty much all of the pilots I knew functioned that way; albeit they were all airline pilots flying their own airplanes. You’d be sitting down at the hangar on a Saturday and a couple of guys would show up and pretty soon there would be a group of planes headed on some impromptu run for the proverbial $100.00 hamburger.

As far as not taking off right after landing, well it depends on the purpose of the flight doesn’t it? One time I had a buddy that needed to get to his parent’s house on Lopez Island. That time I did file a flight plan because the ceilings were low, so I filed IFR. I landed at Lopez (seems like I flew a radar guided approach courtesy of the Whidbey NAS controllers), shut down the plane long enough to drop him off, then fired back up and flew home. IIRC I just picked up an IFR clearance for the return flight in the air.


I suspect the pop up of the log book is for gamers that want an easy out of the flight at the end, without having to worry about properly closing down the aircraft. Pressing continue allows you to continue the shut down process but it is annoying to deal with the log book pop up.

This is one of MANY things I dislike about this sim, but none of the other areas I have previously brought up seems to get many votes. So I guess things will NEVER change. Frustrating, to say the least. If I wasn’t in love with so many other features of the sim, I would have given it the flick ages ago.


Put quite simply: It’s not up to the sim to decide when I end my flight. It’s up to me. This useless logbook that constantly shows me zero takeoffs but a landing may be shown if I click “end flight” or whatever else but not when I turn off the avionics or battery and the engine. There are aircraft whose procedure it is to first turn off the master switch and then cut the mixture and in that case this window would come up during the engine shut off.

Anyway, as said before, it’s my decision when my flight is over, this is not Super Mario.


Thanks for sharing that, @geoffda

On top is a quote of little me saying something different, but please see also this later submit… it turned out this logbook popup did not have to do with passenger procedures on airports. I had assumed that, because my C152 landings were never bothered with it. I use Contol-Shift-E to shut off the engine… apparently Asobo programmers do no regard that as end-of-procedure. If you switch off the radio, they do. Or certain throttle controls, they do. In fact you never know exactly when this logbook thing pops up in the sim to end your procedures ! that’s the issue ! At arbritary moments during your checkout procedure it can happen ! that of course is a bug… so I fully agree with the opening and everyone should vote here,

Interesting discussion
Two points:
I get the white circle and it used to scare the life out me as I thought a CTD was imminent but no everything just carries on , no freezing, stuttering so asobo Please remove it as it serves NO purpose
Secondly, yes very annoying when doing a shut down procedure but if you use the blue taxi ribbon to find your gate it does get rid of that and the green box if you press continue
Sometimes in the FBW if I turn on APU it doesn’t do it, other times it does so it’s annoying
Oh finally , slightly off topic can you get rid of the blue box but keep the taxi ribbon when going to gate?

I agree its very irritating, there must be a .cfg somewhere to turn it off. I wish they would give a meny item to disable it completely. I have zero interest in logged game time and dont need that popping up!


I don’t know, but both of these need to be removed and should have no place in a modern “flight” simulator in 2020-21.


This is a simulator, not a game, and turning off the aircraft correctly is one part of the simulation.


Of course you could, in real life you often fly more than one sector. After parking a short turnaround and fly the next sector. I have even flown routes were it literally was engines off, passengers in or out, door close, engine start. Anyway there is no argument to have that thing pop-up.

Regarding realism, I have never seen my logbook pop-up automatically after flight :crazy_face:. I don’t even know where it is, I update it once every few years when I really need it for something :joy:.


The things I see people complaining about seems so ridiculous smh


I am extremely concerned that some posters are saying things as “fact” when its very much at the moment their own opinion. Things such as “Most users dont like the Show Logbook on shutdown”. Unless a proper poll or reasearch across all or a representative population of users is done, that cannot be presented as fact.

It may indeed APPEAR that many users want to disable this feature, but that is usually because those who want change often shout the loudest, whilst the ones who are happy with things as are, do not speak up, or speak less loudly, after all they dont want change.

We have to sometimes be very rational about how we react when making sweeping changes. Of course we need to listen to those who need change, but bear in mind the saying “The loudest squeeking wheel gets the most attention”, and in this modern age where peoples voice can be heard (louder?) via Social Media, forums, etc, its more important that we still ensure that we are still largely democratic, to ensure that a very vocal minority doesnt unjestly inconvenience the silent majoirty.

Not saying its true in this case, as we dont really know how the proportion of users that do not like this popup vs those that do. I personally love the popup as it gives me important stats on that current flight/leg, and its just as easy to continue flyign the plane afterwards by hitting continue. It definately does not force ending of the flight.

I can also understand some users prefer it not to be there, especially if they are using tools like FS Economy, etc. So putting it as an option which by default is switched on i think is the best option, as newbies would probably need that at first, and can turn it off later.

However I woudl be very dissapointed if it is actually tuned off without any option to choose, as that woudl appear to be a kneejerk reaction.

Its the same story with the loading screen video, I know many were unhappy (I really didnt care either way), but for new players it is a nice introduction that is sadly now missing. And whilst I agree it can become old after a while, it was still nice for new users, so again shoudl have been an option of some sort, to be turned off after.

I am sure there are many other changes that also apply. And indeed where it gives a personal choice, I am all for it, but please do not make a change of something to please a vocal group without checking to see how happy the entire demographic is about the change, or at least make it a choice.

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Don’t come in here acting like this is something not worth complaining about. Of you take a close look at the title of this product it say “Microsoft Fight Simulator”. Simulator being the big part in that title.

For those of us who take the immersion or at least try to take to the fullest, this is a big issue because it kills that immersion.

Old FSX didn’t have anything like that, X plane doesn’t have anything like that, p3d doesn’t have it, so why does MSFS do???

It’s not something small we complaining about sir.

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I don’t think you’re digging deep enough to find trivial things to complain about. Get yourself a flashlight and a bigger shovel.

This has nothing to do with immersion. Some of you guys just complain about the silliest of things. I’m in FB groups with 38k members and I’ve never seen anyone complain about the white circle that pops up every once in a while to indicate that something is happening in the background. If that kills immersion then I think it’s time to step away from the pc and go fly the real plane. Seems as if only the “real” simmers are complaining about everything. What’s next? The menus are too gamey?

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So a logbook popping up the moment you shutdown engines has nothing to do with immersion?? Ok sir.

Have a nice day!!

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No not even that is an immersion killer. When I’m done with my flight I usually go back to the main menu. Here’s a thought. Just pretend that it’s real life and when shut the plane down you take up your log book and write in it.

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Is there a thread somewhere to vote for the removal of the loading circle?

In real life when you shut your engines down, you don’t pick up a log book right after. There are other things than need to be turned off and other procedures.

Clearly you don’t know this and I’m wasting my time.

Furthermore, can you imagine someone that has a full home cockpit set up and has to stop their shutdown procedure to move away and click continue on that flight log that pops up.